Pong A Shot

A fantastic basketball-inspired drinking game

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Beer pong is great fun, but it isn’t easy to set up, and can be messy! Well, here’s a fresh alternative that doesn’t need much space, contains everything you need, and can even be played indoors over carpet! It’s Pong A Shot, the basketball-inspired shooting game.

First, a player shoots the ping pong ball for the mini basketball hoop. And then, if it goes in, contestants watch in suspense as the ball bounces randomly down into one of the numbered shot glasses. If it’s yours, you’ll find yourself taking a different kind of shot!

This game is fantastic for any type of gathering, whether you’re trying to make the event playing on TV a little more interesting, or you’re having an all-out games night with the whole crew! This and a host of other great drinking games and novelty gifts are available now, at Everything But Flowers.

Dimensions: 40x12x40cm

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