Donald Trump Mask

Be The Most Controversial Person In The Room

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Get a laugh with the ultimate political gag gift, because who doesn’t want to be Donald Trump for a day…(okay we admit a lot of people wouldn’t but it’s all totally about fun!). The Donald Trump mask is the ultimate novelty gift that’s a great Kris Kringle gift idea, and perfect for novelty gifts for those who have everything and you never quite know what they need.

This adult size Donald Trump mask is full face and slips comfortably over an adult-sized head with eye holes for free-vision while being worn. Great for Halloween costumes (he is scary after-all) or fancy dress parties, or as the ultimate Secret Santa gift idea. We offer free delivery Australia-wide with full order tracking or peace of mind from Everything But Flowers.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

The Extra Father’s Day Presents You Cannot Pass on This Year!

Everything but Flowers has some extra Father’s Day presents that will leave your dad in fits! If you have been searching for men’s novelty presents to gift in addition to dad’s main present, be sure to check out the overview of men’s novelty presents we have created for you below.

What Is the First Extra Father’s Day Present I Could Get for Dad?

Anyone who wants to have a good laugh on Father’s Day should add the Donald Trump Mask from our men’s novelty presents range to the shortlist. With the Donald Trump Mask from our men’s novelty presents catalogue, your dad will become the most controversial person in the room instantly!

There are more Trump gifts in our men’s novelty presents catalogue. So, if your dad has a dislike for Trump and you want to poke some fun at him for Father’s Day, check out some of the other Trump gift options in the Father’s Day presents section.

What Is the Second Extra Father’s Day Present I Could Get for Dad?

One thing dad will appreciate more than others is a good book to read on the toilet. Fortunately, there are a lot of these books in our range of men’s presents; this includes Things to Do on the Loo!

Things to Do on the Loo from the men’s presents range is an activities book, filled with fun stuff to do in the bathroom. The book contains anything from puzzles to trivia, so your dad is bound to be entertained with this book in the loo.

What Is the Third Extra Father’s Day Present I Could Get for Dad?

Is your dad a gamer? If so, you could get him an original gaming device from our catalogue. One such a device is our Mini Arcade Machine, which is a miniature version of a full-sized arcade machine.

The Mini Arcade Machine is filled with classic 16-bit games, 240 of them to be exact. Many dads love the arcade game experience, so with this Mini Arcade Machine in his pocket, he will always have something to play no matter where he goes.

Our Mini Arcade Machine from the men’s presents range is not just any replica though, it is an almost flawless copy of an actual arcade machine. The Mini Arcade Machine from our men’s presents catalogue comes with a 2.5 inch colour TFT screen, a rear light to enhance visibility, and even an 8-way joystick controller. So, if your dad has trouble finding a genuine arcade machine in his neighbourhood, be sure to add this arcade machine from our men’s presents range to his Father’s Day spread.

What Is the Fourth Extra Father’s Day Present I Could Get for Dad?

Do you want to keep dad entertained during mealtime? If so, be sure to look at the Condiment Gun from our Father’s Day presents catalogue.

With the Condiment Gun from the Father’s Day presents collection, your dad can add condiments and table sauces to his meals in quite the original way. The Condiment Gun from our Father’s Day presents catalogue works as a water pistol, only this gun is not filled with water. Instead, it can be filled with sauces and condiments by using the accompanying cartridges.

What Is the Fifth Extra Father’s Day Present I Could Get for Dad?

Does your dad need a new desk light, but do you want something completely different from the usual desk lights you can find in stores? If so, be sure to have a look at the Original Stormtrooper Wireframe Light.

The Original Stormtrooper Wireframe Light is designed in a unique way. When it is turned on, the stormtrooper helmet appears to be hovering in mid-air, which makes this light a lot more interesting.

What Is the Sixth Extra Father’s Day Present I Could Get for Dad?

Our final recommendation for dad is also one of our bestsellers, the Games Room Poker Set. As you can imagine, this poker set is perfect for a card night with the boys, which means dad will get a lot of use from this particular gift.

The Games Room Poker Set comes with 200 poker chips, a dealer button, and 2 card decks for good measure. It also includes instructions on how to play poker, so even if your dad is not that familiar with poker yet, he will learn quickly with the Games Room Poker Set from Everything but Flowers?

Where Can I Find More Extra Father’s Day Presents for My Dad?

Customers who are looking for something fun to add to their selection of Father’s Day gifts will easily find some additional options in our novelty range. To view our entire novelty catalogue for men, simply select “men” on the main menu and choose “novelty” from the displayed subcategories on that page.