Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Sneaky Tips for Improving a Golf Game

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Are you sick of hearing him complain about the wasted money and time spent looking for golf balls? Or is he sick of racking up stroke and distance penalties from having to declare too many balls lost? If losing golf balls is ruining his love of golf, he’s going to love this great gift. These Golf Ball Finder Glasses are the secret weapon he’s been waiting for to improve his golf game. Save time, money, and his golf game when you buy him these awesome Golf Ball Finder Glasses.

With their specially tinted, blue lenses, Golf Ball Finder Glasses work by illuminating everything white (and yellow) like those frustratingly small golf balls. Golf ball finding glasses really do work to make it easier to find those pesky golf balls. These glasses have a comfy fit that works over most prescription glasses. Note that the Golf Ball Finder Glasses are not sunglasses. To protect their eyes while golfing, players should wear sunglasses if needed, and use the Golf Ball Finder Glasses only to find their lost balls. Get this great outdoors and sporting gift for your golfer from Everything But Flowers.

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