Cricket Bottle Opener

Features up to 25 Cricket sounds!

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Whats this? A talking cricket ball, or a bottle cap remover that emits a classic cricket sound when you push it down? Actually its both, which means you can double up your gift to a cricket fanatic without spending another cent. Bound to raise the roof at the cricket club during the after-match party, this item from the Everything But Flowers gift store includes your personalised message on a free gift card, and you can track and trace the order too. All orders $99 or greater are shipped Australia wide for free.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

The Greatest Novelty Presents for Father’s Day!

If you want to get something unique for your dad this Father’s Day, we can certainly recommend checking out the suggestions from our men’s presents range below. The overview contains countless men’s presents from the novelty gifts collection, delivering something unique for Father’s Day!

Why Should I Choose the Cricket Bottle Opener from the Men’s Presents Collection?

Our first suggestion from the men’s presents collection is the Cricket Bottle Opener, which is quite different from the average bottle opener you can find in stores today. Each time you open a bottle, it plays an original cricket sound.

The Cricket Bottle Opener from our men’s presents catalogue has a total of 25 cricket sounds and a cricket-themed design, making this Cricket Bottle Opener from the Father’s Day presents range perfect for dads with a cricket obsession or a love for sports!

Why Should I Choose the Mancave Neon Light from the Father’s Day Presents Collection?

If your recipient has the privilege of his own mancave, then you could choose a nice decoration from our Father’s Day presents catalogue – the Mancave Neon Light. The Mancave Neon Light from the Father’s Day presents range adds a little feel of Las Vegas to your dad’s space, creating the perfect environment for a card or games night with friends.

Why Should I Choose the Star Wars Gadget Decals from the Father’s Day Presents Collection?

Dads who is a big fan of the Star Wars films might appreciate some decals to personalise his tech. The Star Wars Gadget Decals are made from vinyl. They are designed to personalise laptops, Smartphones and other devices.

The Star Wars Gadget Decals pack contains a total of 17 decals. Each decal contains something unique from the Star Wars films; this includes an X-wing starfighter, Chewbacca, RD-D2 and much more. All the decals are waterproof and removable too, so even if your dad sticks the decal on wrong at first, he can still adjust it!

Why Should I Choose the Man Plan from Everything but Flowers?

There are some interesting books for Father’s Day too at Everything but Flowers. One of these books is The Man Plan, which lays out a masterplan for the modern man.

Inside the Man Plan, men will find valuable advice, but also some offensive gags that are suitable for men with a crude sense of humour. It includes chapters such as “how to cook a killer meal – even if you’re drunk!” and “Relationships – how to get a good one and get out of a nightmare!” In conclusion, this book is amazingly fun and original, so it cannot be missing from the book collection of your father.

Why Should I Choose the Pub Quiz Game from Everything but Flowers?

Does your dad enjoy a pub quiz from time to time? Then why not gift him a pub quiz he could do from the convenience of his own home with friends and family? With the Pub Quiz Game, it is all possible!

By using the Pub Quiz Game, your dad can save a lot of money on bar tabs. The novelty game contains eight uniquely themed categories, with each category containing 50 questions. It also includes a scoring pad, pencils and two flip scoring charts for a more dramatic effect!

Some of the categories included in the Pub Quiz Game include history, food & drink, arts & literature, TV & film, sports & pastimes, places, music, and science & nature. If a player gives a correct answer to a question in any of the categories, this player will receive two points. However, players can still gain a point by almost getting an answer right. In conclusion, a fun game that can keep family and friends entertained for many hours.

Why Should I Choose Card Game Punderdome from Everything but Flowers?

If your dad is a major fan of bad jokes, you should certainly consider Card Game Punderdome as a Father’s Day present. Inside this gift set, customers can find 200 double-sided cards, containing some of the world’s most awful puns! It also contains mystery envelopes and scribble pads.

Card Game Punderdome is designed for three or more players, so this game is perfect to play with friends and family. It will keep your dad entertained for hours, which means this is the ideal game to gift for Father’s Day.

Where Can I Find More Novelty Presents for Father’s Day at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find many other novelty gifts for their dad. If our overview did not contain a present suitable for your dad, be sure to check our main catalogue for more novelty presents!

Do you need some help deciding on a present for your dad this Father’s Day? Please contact the Everything but Flowers team for more info!