Boxing Oven Mitt & Apron

It's time to RUMBLE on the Barbie!

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You'll fire up your friends or partners culinary enthusiasm and you'll rock their socks off when they open your birthday gift, because it looks so awesome in fire engine red. But this is more than just a novelty gift, because the apron will shrug off stains and the mitt is heat resistant too!

After they don their macho apron and finish shadowboxing with the mitt, they should be prepared to cook and serve delicious meals. Its an inspired addition to Australia's premium gift collection that already offers over 1,000 gifts for all occasions.

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Discover Functional Kitchen Presents for Him at Everything but Flowers!

Women are not the only recipients that could benefit from our range of kitchen-orientated Christmas presents and birthday presents, because our presents for him range contains many kitchen items specifically made with male chefs in mind. To discover the delightful kitchen presents for him, be sure to read our recommendations below!

Boxing Oven Mitt & Apron

Our Christmas presents for him range contains a wonderful apron and mitt for men, more specifically the Boxing Oven Mitt & Apron. The oven mitt and apron have a delightful fire engine red colour, but also have some special features that make this mitt and apron worth having.

The Boxing Oven Mitt & Apron from our Christmas presents for him range are completely heat resistant, but also stain resistant. So, whenever the special man in your life wants to cook something great, you can be sure their clothing will be fully protected.

The Maverick How Do You Like It Branding Iron

Sometimes you like to put your own stamp on your food, and this is where the Maverick Branding Iron from our Christmas presents for him range comes in. The Maverick Branding Iron from our Christmas presents for him range is three-sided, so each side contains a label that enables you to mark the meat. Of course, the labels are functional as well, because they read well done, medium and rare. So, by marking cooked meats with the Maverick Branding Iron, you can make sure everyone gets the steak or beef they prefer!

Naturally, the Maverick How Do You Like It Branding Iron is not only suitable for kitchen chefs, it is also a suitable gift for men who like to barbecue. If your male recipient likes to add some steaks to the barbecue from time to time, this Maverick Branding Iron will be the perfect present for him!

The Maverick Double Burger Press

Maverick kitchen and barbecue tools from our birthday presents range are perfect for male chefs, so you can find more than the Maverick Branding Iron at Everything but Flowers. One of the additional Maverick kitchen items in our birthday presents range is the Maverick Double Burger Press, which allows men to make the most delightful fresh burgers.

The Maverick Double Burger Press from our birthday presents range features an ergonomic design, which ensures the hands of the recipient do not experience any hand strain from frequent burger pressing. So, this burger press from the birthday presents range is not only functional, it is also more comfortable than if you would press your burgers by hand.

Our Maverick Double Burger Press has a total diameter of twelve centimetres, so you can make some considerably-sized burger patties. These patties will also have the typical burger pattern, so you could cook these patties in the kitchen as well as on the barbecue!

The Beef Carving Block

When you cook frequently, you cannot go without a good beef carving block. With a decent beef carving block, you can cut any cooked beef properly and preserve any freshness and aroma from your deliciously cooked meats.

The Beef Carving Block from our presents collection is ideal for men who want a special carving block for their kitchen. The Beef Carving Block from Everything but Flowers has a wonderful bull design, and is made from the finest wood to ensure durability.

Naturally, the exquisite design of this Beef Carving Block ensures that you can use the carving block for more than meat cutting alone. You can also use it to serve a roast or some fresh pieces of meat from the barbecue. So, whether you are buying for an aspiring chef or a frequent barbecue cook, the Beef Carving Block will be perfect.

Vintage Italian Tea Towels by Davis & Waddell

At Everything but Flowers, you will find many kitchen items that were designed by Davis & Waddell. One of these items is a pack of Vintage Italian Tea Towels, which look wonderful in traditional, contemporary and even modern kitchens.The Vintage Italian Tea Towels by Davis & Waddell features three unique prints that signify the spirit of Italy. They are made from the finest cotton as well, so these large tea towels are going to last for a long time to come.

Since our Vintage Italian Tea Towels by Davis & Waddell have such a beautiful design, you can use these towels for more than doing your dishes. The beautiful design of each towel enables you to use these towels for display purposes, or can help you to drape your Italian feast during a dinner party.

Copper Cheese & Pate Knife Set

When you organise the regular cheese & wine evening, you must make sure you have the right utensils for the job. At Everything but Flowers, you can find the perfect utensils for a cheese & wine evening; this includes the Copper Cheese & Pate Knife Set, which contains an entire set of utensils made from only natural metals.

Inside the Copper Cheese & Pate Knife Set, recipients can find a pate knife measuring 15.5 centimetres and a cheese knife measuring 21 centimetres. Each of these knives looks amazing on a serving platter, which makes them amazing for entertainment.

So, if you are tired of the normal stainless steel utensils, having some copper cheese and pate knives will certainly light up your collection. Of course, if you want other utensils to make your cheese and wine evenings even more special, you will find plenty of other options at Everything but Flowers.

More Kitchen Items for Men

Fortunately for men who love to cook, kitchen items are no longer reserved for women alone. In addition to the exquisite items we already described here, you will find many other kitchen items for men at Everything but Flowers, so if you have not found what you are looking for just yet, be sure to check out the rest of our range.

In addition to kitchen items, Everything but Flowers has many other gifts for men available. So, no matter the personal preferences of your recipient, you will always find the perfect gift with us!