The Official Bar Guide to Darts Book

Everything They'll Ever Need To Know About Darts

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Surprise any darting enthusiast with one of the most comprehensive books covering this extremely popular game! The Official Bar Guide to Darts is the last book about the bar sport they’ll ever have to read; it contains valuable insights on darts, ranging from a thorough description of the game’s rules to information on the equipment and ways to maximise their score and impress their mates with their skills. The guide is written by Patrick Chaplin (aka Dr Darts), the (in)famous darts historian known for writing multiple books about every single aspect of the game and making enormous contributions to the darting world. Whether you’re looking to surprise a beginner or a seasoned darts enthusiast, you can be sure that The Official Bar Guide to Darts is the perfect match. View this gift and many more here at Everything But Flowers, Australia’s premium gift website for any occasion. Short on time? We offer free door-to-door tracking on all items, so you can follow your gift as it makes its way to you and make sure it gets there on time.

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Find the Perfect Gift for Men Who Love to Party! Check Out Our Top Party Suggestions from the Range of Gifts for Men!

Do you need to find the perfect gift for men who love to party? Then Everything but Flowers has the best choices in our range of gifts for men! To find the perfect gifts for men who love to party, simply check out our useful guide with the best party birthday gifts for men. We are sure you will find the ultimate party surprise for your recipient.

What Is the First Gift for the Man Who Loves to Party?

When you need to find the perfect gift for men who love to party, you can keep it simple. There is no need for elaborate gadgets and gifts, because it could be something as simple as The Official Bar Guide to Darts from our range of gifts for men.

With the Official Bar Guide to Darts, your recipient can become the king of darts at his local watering hole. Of course, it also proves an advantageous book to have when you play darts regularly at gatherings or celebrations. So, when in doubt, always go for the obvious choice when you need to find the perfect gift for men who love to party!

What makes the Official Guide to Darts a great gift for men?

This book offers a fountain of knowledge that is both interesting and invaluable to any darts enthusiast.  It’s a great gift for guys who love to hang out at the pub where they can profess their newly found knowledge about the classic pub game and impress their mates every time they play a round.  Competitive players will also be able to gain more perspective about their chosen sport and even improve scoring strategy whether they’re playing a quick round with their mates or in a competitive tournament with serious darts players.  New players, as well as those who have been away from the game for a while, will become experts in no time after reading through this book. 

This book is the perfect gift for someone who is setting up his own man cave or game room, and is looking for new things to do in his new space.  It’s also a great guide for anyone who just wants to gain more understanding about the sport and be able to follow the game whenever it’s shown on TV or when watching live games.  Many consider this the bible for darts, and the first and last book about darts you’ll ever need to read.

What makes this book about darts special?

This book explains all the intricacies of the sport in a way that anyone can easily understand, whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned player with years or even decades of experience under his belt.

The author, Patrick Chaplin, is fondly known as Dr. Darts by his fans worldwide.  He is one of the leading historians of the sport and has written and co-written many books on darts.  He is also an expert on the storied history of pubs and other long forgotten pub games such as cork throwing, bumblepuppy and four corners.

In The Official Bar Guide to Darts, he compiles years of his own personal research into one comprehensive volume, which makes it a must read for anyone who has any sort of interest in the sport.  It explains all the basics of darts, and goes into much further detail about every aspect of the sport like no other book on darts has ever done before.

What other fun books for men make for great gifts?

Books are great gifts because they provide hours and hours of entertainment in a relatively small package.  Great books can also be enjoyed over and over for a long time, which makes them even more special and memorable as gifts.  Our carefully curated selection of unique book titles will surely put a smile on any man’s face as soon as they see the cover and won’t be able to put them down till they hit the last page.  These books are true treasures that will easily find a place in any man’s bookshelf or coffee table.

For the man who appreciates a good laugh, check out ‘100 Reasons to Panic About: Getting Old’, which pokes fun at one’s changing habits as the years go by.  This is a great birthday gift that will put a smile on anyone’s face.  For more hilarious jokes, check out the hundreds of one-liners  contained in the ‘Put-Downs & Zingers’ and ‘Insults & Comebacks’ books.

Need a great Father’s Day present for a family member or friend?  Have a look at ‘Extremely Embarrassing Dad Jokes’, which contains a seemingly endless amount of awful puns, ridiculous punchlines and universally bad jokes that dads are famous for.

Music lovers will get a kick out of ‘The Beatles Book’ from authorised biographer, Hunter Davies.  This hardbound book will look great on any coffee table and give anyone who leafs through it a taste of Beatlemania.

Need a great gift for the petrol heads in your life?  Check out ‘My Cool Convertible’ and ‘My Cool Motorcycle’.  These hardback books are filled with pages of great photographs of awesome looking machines and their owners’ stories.

A great gift for men who love to travel and go on adventures is ‘The Big Trip’ from the famous travel book publisher, Lonely Planet.  This book contains a lot of helpful advice and useful information for anyone who is planning an extended stay or adventure abroad.  Another great book from Lonely Planet is the ‘Instant Expert’ book, which contains tons of interesting facts and little known bits of trivia that only well-travelled and worldly individuals will usually have access to.  This book is a great gift that will turn anyone into a more interesting conversationalist.

For the self-proclaimed party animals, we suggest you check out ‘The Bar Hopper Handbook’ which contains tons of tips and tricks on how to get into the hottest clubs, score free drinks and get women’s numbers with ease.  For men who need to step up their partying skills, we also offer ‘The Book of The Party Animal’ which is an entertaining and humorous guide on how to become the life of the party. 

We also have a selection of great recipe books for men who love to cook and spend time at the grill.  ‘The Beef Club’ contains 100 great recipes showing you how to make the most out of different cuts of beef, ranging from classic steaks to gourmet burgers.  For men who can’t get enough of premium burgers, we suggest you consider giving him a copy of ‘Pornburger’ which contains mouth watering photos accompanied by recipes of some seriously sexy meat and bun creations.  Sports fans will also get a kick out of ‘BBQ, Beer and BS’ from legendary cricketer Merv Hughes.  This one of a kind book combines many of the things that men love, namely BBQ, beer and sports anecdotes from the legend himself.

What Is the Second Gift for the Man Who Loves to Party?

Another suggestion for customers who need to find the perfect gift for men who love to party is Urban Green’s Mixologist’s Grow Kit! Who says partying is not productive? With this kit from our range of gifts for men, your recipient can create his own cocktails and even grow his own ingredients.

What Is the Third Gift for the Man Who Loves to Party?

Does your recipient need some cocktail or drinking essentials to start building his home party supplies? If so, we suggest obtaining the Cocktail Hour Set of Cocktail Stirrers from the range of gifts for men.

The Cocktail Hour Set of Cocktail Stirrers from our range of gifts for men are a part of the Anne Gare Cocktail Hour range. These designer cocktail stirrers are embellished with a beautiful gold tip and designed to keep that smooth cocktail blend from the bar to the consumer!

What Is the Fourth Gift for the Man Who Loves to Party?

Our next suggestion is an exquisite gift option from the novelty gifts for men collection, more specifically the Party Patrol Light. With the Party Patrol Light from our novelty gifts for men catalogue, your recipient can transform any room into party central!

The Party Patrol Light from our novelty gifts for men collection measures a decent 9.5 cm x 12 cm. It is also completely battery-powered, so your recipient does not require access to a power plug to get the party started.

Even though there are other original party lights in our range of novelty gifts for men, the Party Patrol Light is one of our personal favourites. The Party Patrol Light from the novelty gifts for men resembles a police light, but instead of turning the volume down, this light is an indication to turn the volume up.

What Is the Fifth Gift for the Man Who Loves to Party?

The fifth option for a man who loves to party is one of our favourite gifts from the birthday gifts for men collection. The gift we are talking about is the exquisite James Squire Ale Hamper from the birthday gifts for men collection, providing men with the ultimate collection of beers and nibbles.

Any party requires a nice selection of beers and nibbles, so you cannot go wrong by choosing the James Squire Ale Hamper from the birthday gifts for men collection. The hamper features some of the best James Squire beers, including the Chancer and the Constable, but also complements beer flavours beautifully with the selected gourmet treats inside.

In our range of birthday gifts for men, customers can find many other beer hampers that might meet their party criteria. With beers obtained from Australia’s finest breweries, or even beer countries such as Belgium and Germany, Everything but Flowers always has a suitable choice for the party animal in its range of birthday gifts for men.


There are many other options for the party animal at Everything but Flowers; this includes more party lights, barware, beers, wines, whiskeys, and much more. To get a full range of the party gifts we can provide, be sure to check out the remainder of our catalogue.

Could you use some help finding a good gift for the party animal? Get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team today for some assistance! Customers can always contact us via telephone, but they can also contact us via email or instant messaging. Our team will be more than happy to help you find the perfect party gift.