The Official Bar Guide to Darts Book

Everything They'll Ever Need To Know About Darts

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Surprise any darting enthusiast with one of the most comprehensive books covering this extremely popular game! The Official Bar Guide to Darts is the last book about the bar sport they’ll ever have to read; it contains valuable insights on darts, ranging from a thorough description of the game’s rules to information on the equipment and ways to maximise their score and impress their mates with their skills. The guide is written by Patrick Chaplin (aka Dr Darts), the (in)famous darts historian known for writing multiple books about every single aspect of the game and making enormous contributions to the darting world. Whether you’re looking to surprise a beginner or a seasoned darts enthusiast, you can be sure that The Official Bar Guide to Darts is the perfect match. View this gift and many more here at Everything But Flowers, Australia’s premium gift website for any occasion. Short on time? We offer free door-to-door tracking on all items, so you can follow your gift as it makes its way to you and make sure it gets there on time.


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