Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator

Enhance Aroma and Flavour of Red Wine Easily

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Need a gift for the red wine lover in your life? Davis & Waddell have the perfect solution. The wine aerator takes the hassle out of needing to open red wine in advance and let it breathe. With this clever gadget oxygen can still help your wine develop a beautiful full flavour, but the process isnt so time intensive.

Perfect for dinner parties, picnics or dropping in to see friends, the aerator can be used to pour wine into a decanter for faster serving, or directly into a glass. As you pour the wine through the aerator, the correct amount of oxygen mixes with the wine to release flavour and aromas. D 8.5cm

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Bring your wine to life with the Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator!

Love red wine, but hate waiting for it to breathe? This Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator is for you. Just place this aerator over your glass and pour. You can go from bottled red wine, to perfectly aerated vino in mere moments.

How does a wine aerator work?

Over the past several years, wine aerators have become a kitchen staple for wine-lovers everywhere. But why? Simply put, a good wine aerator saves time and makes sure a bottle of wine tastes the best it possibly can. When you use a wine aerator, you pour red wine from its bottle to a decanter or glass. This quick and easy process introduces oxygen to the wine.

Oxygen revives the wine and allows subtle flavours and undertones to come alive, making them easier to taste and appreciate. If poured directly from the bottle, red wine tastes good, but it can taste so much better by simply using the Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator when filling your glass!

When will this wine aerator come in handy?

This Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator is a great gift for wine lovers and men who love to entertain guests. There are so many occasions when this fantastic item will come to the rescue. Red wine needs to breathe in order for its full flavour and complexity to shine through. Often this means letting it sit in a decanter for an hour or two. But what if have unexpected guests? Or what if you want a glass of wine now instead of two hours from now?

By using this wine aerator, you can enjoy a delicious glass of red wine without the wait. In fact, we’re sure this lovely wine gift will become a kitchen favourite!

Who are Davis & Waddell?

If you shop regularly at Everything But Flowers, you’re likely familiar with Davis & Waddell products. The high quality of their kitchenware items is unmatched. That’s why we love this wine aerator and why we know you’ll love it too.

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