Ted Baker Men's Hip Flask

Durable Stainless Steel with Stylish Sleeve

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This masculine, vintage-style Ted Baker Men’s Hip Flask is infused with class and style. The flask is made with long-lasting, rustproof stainless steel. The outside of the flask is decorated with a patterned sleeve that features a dark green jungle scene. Bright blue parrots sit in the trees and slinking tigers hide in the thick foliage. The Ted Baker Men’s Hip Flask has a capacity of 6oz.

This stainless steel flask is one of many fantastic items in our gift selection. Shop Everything But Flowers for men’s gifts and drinkware to give as birthday presents and Father’s Day gifts. And during checkout, be sure to explore our gift-wrapping, greeting card, and shipping options to customise and personalise your gifts.

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The Best Liquor-Related Gifts from the Birthday Presents Range!

Since birthdays are often celebrated with a lot of alcohol, it is no surprise that many of our mens presents are liquor-related. To help you find the best liquor-related birthday presents on Everything but Flowers quickly, we have created an overview of our best mens presents with liquor. So, read on to discover what you could be presenting to your recipient.

The Ted Baker Men’s Hip Flask

One of your options from our birthday presents collection is the Ted Baker Men’s Hip Flask. This hip flask simply radiates elegance and functionality, and you would not be wrong to assume that! The Ted Baker Men’s Hip Flask can hold up to 60oz of liquor, so it is a good option for a man who likes to have his own quality liquor on hand at parties.

Aside from the Ted Baker Hip Flask, there are other hip flasks that your recipient might like. Simply head over to our birthday presents or mens presents collection to find more options for your recipient.

Premium United Nations Beer Hamper

Another option from the birthday presents collection is the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper, which contains numerous well-known international beers. Inside the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper from the mens presents collection, you can find beers such as Chimay and La Trappe Blond, so you certainly should not skip over this hamper.

Like all beer hampers in our mens presents collection, our hamper designer has added some treats to the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper too. By adding delicious beer snacks to this hamper, we can make sure that your recipient has an unforgettable beer tasting experience on his birthday. This is another reason why you should choose one of our Premium United Nations Beer Hamper from our mens presents collection.

Eva Solo Whisky Glass

A good tumbler is quite valuable to the whisky lover, so if your recipient has a passion for whisky, be sure to consider the Eva Solo Whisky Glass from Everything but Flowers. The Eva Solo Whisky Glass is made especially for those expensive whiskies, because the unique design of this glass enhances the flavour of even the finest whiskies!

Belvedere Vodka 1.75 Litre Illuminated Bottle

Your recipient will be delighted if he receives this bottle of Belvedere Vodka as a gift, because it can be reused once the vodka is gone! Of course, this is not the main reason why you should obtain this vodka bottle from Everything but Flowers, because the vodka inside is truly amazing!

Every drop of vodka inside this bottle is pure gold, because it is made from pure well spring water and Dankowskie Gold Rye. Belvedere also uses a unique distillation process, which makes their vodka smooth and flavoursome. Belvedere vodka also has an excellent international reputation, so you cannot go wrong when you choose this bottle from our extensive gifts collection.

Australia’s Finest Sparkling in Custom Cooler Bag

If your recipient is not a hard liquor fan, but can be found for a good glass of sparkling wine, then we could suggest Australia’s Finest Sparkling Wine in a custom cooler bag.

The sparkling wine inside this gift is made by Brown Brothers, one of Australia’s favourite wineries. The Brown Brothers King Valley Methode Traditionelle Sparkling Wine has been named the best sparkling wine in Australia multiple times, so this is certainly a classic that will be appreciated by many recipients.

Sweet & White Hamper

If you would prefer a combination of delicious gourmet treats and a quality bottle of white wine, we can recommend the Sweet & White Hamper. Inside the Sweet & White Hamper, customers can find the 2014 Devil’s Corner Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc, but also several treats from Morgan’s and Butlers Irish Chocolates.

The Sweet & White Hamper is a good all-round gourmet hamper for most Australian recipients, but there are more options available at Everything but Flowers. Simply check out our hamper collection to find more gift hampers containing wine, champagne or whisky.

The Red Wine & Sparkling Brown Brothers Gift Pack

Customers can also choose a gift pack that only contains wine for their recipient, such as the Red Wine & Sparkling Brown Brothers Gift Pack. Inside this gift pack, recipients will be delighted to discover the finest sparkling wine in Australia, but also the vintage 18-Eighty-Nine Shiraz from the Brown Brothers winery.

More Liquor Gifts Available at Everything but Flowers

Looking for more wines, beers, whisky, or other alcoholic beverages that may delight your recipient? Then be sure to look at our main catalogue, which contains many other options for you. We have more hampers containing alcohol, but also individual gift packs filled with whisky, wine or champagne!

Need additional information about any of our liquor-containing gifts? Contact Everything but Flowers today for more info!