Whiskey Lvrs Glass & Sphere Set

The Ultimate In Chilled Whiskey

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This is one of our ultimate barware gifts that’s sure to delight those who love a fine drop of Whiskey, the Sparq Whiskey Lovers Glass & Sphere Set is a barware gift to impress. This clever set features a Whiskey Sphere, cleverly designed from Soapstone, simply place the sphere in the freezer and it will keep whiskey cold without watering it down.

The second part of this set is a beautiful Whiskey glass that has been specially designed to allow the whiskey sphere to roll and swirl in the glass to aerate the Whiskey and increase the flavour. Everything But Flowers has a great range of barware gifts no matter who the recipient is.

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At Everything but Flowers, customers can find numerous birthday presents containing whiskey or whiskey-related items. If you have been curious about the best birthday presents containing whiskey or whiskey-related products, be sure to read our overview below, which contains the best whiskey-related birthday presents at Everything but Flowers!

What Can You Tell Me About the Sparq Whiskey Lovers Glass & Sphere Set?

The Sparq Whiskey Lovers Glass & Sphere set from our birthday presents collection contains a designer whisky glass and a sphere that will keep your whiskey cold without adding ice or water! Since the sphere from our mens presents collection keeps your recipient’s whiskey cool, and the glass ensures the ultimate drinking experience – it is no surprise why this set from our mens presents collection is so popular. So, when in doubt about which of our mens presents to choose, simply choose this set, because it is always a hit.

What Can You Tell Me About the Whiskey Notes Book from the Mens Presents Collection?

The whiskey notes book from our mens presents collection could be a good gift for a whiskey lover, but also for someone who likes to create his own whiskey! The Whiskey Notes Book enables your recipient to keep track of their favourite whiskey flavours, but also their own distilled liquors. So, when your recipient is quite the creative type when it comes to whiskey, this book cannot be missing from their collection.

What Can You Tell Me About the Admiral Decanter?

Our Admiral Decanter is a must-have for anyone with a love of liquor or wine. It is made from the finest crystal and features an octagonal shape that is optimal to enhance whiskey and other liquor flavours. Of course, the optimised shape of the decanter could also prove beneficial for wine lovers.

The Admiral Decanter can hold a considerable amount of spirits and wine, since the decanter has a capacity of 30 oz. Naturally, there is no need to put this decanter away when your recipient is not using it, because this beautiful decanter is a stunning decoration too.

What Can You Tell Me About the Waterford Crystal Old Fashioned Tumbler Pair?

Does your recipient need some classy crystal whiskey glasses? If so, then you could consider the Waterford Crystal Old Fashioned Tumbler Pair, because these glasses deliver an excellent whiskey-drinking experience.

The Waterford Crystal Old Fashioned Tumbler Pair is beautifully presented too, because these glasses come in a lime-green cylinder box with the gold-lettered inscription – “Trust Me, Everything Tastes Better in These”. So, by obtaining this tumbler pair, you do not have to worry about gift wrap, although customers can make this present extra special by adding some of our premium gift wrap.

What Can You Tell Me About the Whiskey Ice Wedge Set?

If you liked our Sparq Whiskey Sphere &Glass Set, you will love our Whiskey Ice Wedge Set as well! The Whiskey Ice Wedge Set provides similar benefits as the Sparq Set, because this Wedge Set keeps your whiskey cool without adding ice or water.

The Whiskey Ice Wedge Set is designed by Corkcicle, who delivered an excellent glass that does not only enhance your recipient’s whiskey-tasting experience, it also keeps whiskey as cool as possible. The wedge enables your recipient to get a large block of ice in their whiskey, which does not melt as easily as normal ice cubes. However, the ice will not mix with your excellent whiskey, because it is closed off completely from the drink in the glass!

What Can You Tell Me About the Sagaform Whiskey Glasses Set?

Our Sagaform Whiskey Glasses Set contains six designer whiskey glasses that provide an enhanced whiskey-tasting experience thanks to its unique design. Each glass measures 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 8.5 cm and is delivered in a beautiful gift box.

The aim of the Sagaform Whiskey Glasses Set is to provide your recipient with a better whiskey drinking experience by swirling the whiskey in the bottom of the glass, optimal aroma release and a big increase of flavours.

Of course, the Sagaform Whiskey Glasses Set is just one of the sets we can offer you. There are countless others, each with their own special features. So, be sure to check them all out to determine which one fits your recipient the best.

Can I Find Whiskey at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, you can find more than just whiskey glasses, decanters and spheres, because we also have an excellent selection of exquisite whiskey. From Ardbeg Quadrant Whiskey to Jameson, you can find it all at Everything but Flowers. Simply head over to our main catalogue - or enter “whiskey” - in the search window to discover all whiskies your recipient could get as a gift.

Do you have a question about our whiskies or whiskey-related presents? Do not hesitate to contact Everything but Flowers for more information!