Stephanie Alexander Seed Storage Tin

Quality Galvanised Storage

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All gardeners know that when you find a plant that looks great, or when it comes to fruit and vegetables – tastes great – that keeping the seeds is important. So if you’re looking for the perfect men’s garden gifts then this seed storage container is simply perfect. Seeds are best kept in a cool, dark place; which is what makes this seed storage container so great.

The galvanised seed storage from Stephanie Alexander is the perfect gift idea for gardeners and is suitable for all occasions. When it comes to unique homewares gifts Everything But Flowers stocks a wide range of unique gifts across a range of budgets.

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The Home & Outdoor Birthday Presents from Everything but Flowers!

Some men prefer to receive home and outdoor birthday presents, especially if they like their home and garden to be as functional and lovely as possible. To help you find the best home and outdoor presents for your recipient, we have created a comprehensive overview of our most popular home and outdoor mens presents. So, read on if you want to find the perfect present for your recipient.

The Stephanie Alexander Seed Storage Tin

When the man you need a present for is an avid gardener, you might consider the Stephanie Alexander Seed Storage Tin from our birthday presents for men range. The Stephanie Alexander Seed Storage Tin is ideal for those important seeds you want to keep in mint condition. So, avid gardeners are going to appreciate this tin for their gardening collection.

We must mention there are more gardening items from Stephanie Alexander in our range of birthday presents for men. So, if you want to add more Stephanie Alexander items to this gift, be sure to check the remainder of our birthday presents for men collection.

The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue

You might have come across this compact barbecue in many other overviews on Everything but Flowers, but this Sunnylife Portable Barbecue is truly one of our favourite items. And what is not to like? The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue from our mens presents collection enables men to make their patties and snags everywhere, and they do not have to drag a heavy barbecue with them. In conclusion, the perfect present for any man who likes to throw a good barbecue.

The Random Harvest BBQ Indulgence Gift Set

If your recipient is throwing a barbecue party, you could consider the Random Harvest BBQ Indulgence Gift Set from our mens presents collection. Inside this gift set, men can find several accompaniments, but also sauces and oils that can make their barbecue the best it can be! Therefore, do not skip on this gift set from our mens presents collection!

The Maverick Double Burger Press

Another recommendation for a man who likes to throw a good barbecue is the Maverick Double Burger Press from our mens presents collection. The Maverick Burger Press is especially designed to make barbecue patties, but with less strain on the hands and wrists!

The Maverick Double Burger Press from our mens presents collection measures 12 centimetres in diameter for the patties. It has a general size of 28.5 x 12 x 9 centimetres, which makes it compact enough to store away when it is not being used. So, if your recipient does not have this burger press in his collection yet, be sure to grab it from the mens presents collection!

The Kakkoii Wireless Stereo Speakers

Even though you can play music from your smartphone or computer during a barbecue, it does not meet your exact needs when it comes to entertaining. Fortunately, you can make sure that your recipient’s barbecues run smoothly in the future where music is concerned, because Everything but Flowers has the Kakkoii Wireless Stereo Speakers at your disposal.

The Kakkoii Wireless Stereo Speakers are excellent amplifiers and can be connected to most media devices. They have a total playing time of 5 hours and can easily be charged by hooking it to your computer with USB.

The Eva Solo Whisky Glass

A good homeware gift for men can also be a designer whisky glass, especially when you choose our Eva Solo Whisky Glass. The Eva Solo Whisky Glass is especially designed for whisky drinkers, because the thin glass rim and the slight downwards slant makes any whisky so much better.

At Everything but Flowers, you can also find whisky sets to add to this gift. If you decide to gift the Eva Solo Whisky Glass to your recipient, then be sure to check out some of the delightful quality whiskies we can offer you.

The Beef Carving Block

Customers can also choose the Beef Carving Block for their recipient, which can be used to cut meats or simply serve a roast during a party. The Beef Carving Block at Everything but Flowers is made from the highest quality wood and features a delightful bull design that makes it stand out from all the other carving blocks out there.

More Homewares and Outdoor Items for Men

Have not found what you need in our brief overview of our most popular homewares and outdoor items? No need to worry, because there is much more available at Everything but Flowers. Simply head over to our homewares and outdoor catalogue for men to see a full overview of your options.

If you do not know what to buy for your recipient, you can also benefit from our gift vouchers. By obtaining one of our vouchers and gifting it to your recipient, your recipient can buy anything he likes from our range!