Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses

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Everyone’s talking about virtual reality! But even the sale price of an Oculus Rift is not in the budget. Virtual reality is finally available for everyone to enjoy. The revolutionary Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses offer an affordable way to experience the excitement of virtual reality. Blow your teenager’s mind with this incredible gaming tech gift.

The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset works via content downloaded direct to a smartphone. Just connect the smartphone to the Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses and be prepared to enter another world. The endless range of apps and free downloadable 3D content includes 3D movies, incredible VR games, and virtual simulations. Your gaming geek and teen tech lovers will experience their own Hunger Games, VR roller coaster rides, Jurassic dinosaurs, and more. Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses have an ultra-wide field of vision, and the screen view changes with the head-tracking 360 degree technology to deliver an immersive experience.

The Immerse Virtual Reality headset is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones (maximum device size of 3.5 x 5.7 inches or 8.2 x 15.4 cm). The Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses are designed for maximum comfort with face-contact foam eye cushion, earphone slot, and adjustable head straps. The lenses are focus-adjustable for optimal vision without the need to wear prescription glasses. The Immerse Virtual Reality Glasses would make an unforgettable gift that absolutely everyone will enjoy using. Get the ultimate gift for your gamer from Everything But Flowers.

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