LED Cube Speaker

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Create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying their favourite music with this great music gift. This LED Cube Speaker is made from durable ABS plastic and has 36 individually coloured lights. This tiny 7cm cube speaker delivers an impressive 3.0W of quality sound. The LED lights offer 5 colour changing modes, and the flashing lights even pulse to the beat of the music for a great party vibe.

This fun LED Cube Speaker features a built-in 800mA rechargeable battery. If the 5 hours of battery life is not enough, keep on dancing with the USB charging cord that’s included in the box. The LED Cube Speaker is compatible with Android and Apple devices, plus audio and music apps on PC, so anyone can share their favourite playlists direct from their phone via Bluetooth and the press of a button. The built-in microphone on the LED Cube Speaker allows for hands-free calls just by pressing the ON button on top of the speaker to answer and end a phone call. Your friend will love the flexibility of being able to connect direct using the included 3.5mm audio cable and AUX-in slot on the LED Cube Speaker is Bluetooth is not their thing. This multi-functional LED Cube Speaker even has a micro SD slot for loading music direct. So many amazing features in this compact little LED Cube Speaker!

Your music loving friend will be impressed with this fantastic little device! They’ll never need to leave home without their very own party in their pocket when you get them this fab gift from Everything But Flowers.

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Home and Outdoor Novelty Gifts for Men!

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find a huge selection of novelty gifts for men. Our home and outdoor range provides you with many novelty choices for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and many other special occasions.

Want to learn more about the novelty gifts for men? Or do you need some unique suggestions from our great gifts for men range? Learn more about our amazing selection of novelty gifts for men below.

Which Great Gifts for Men Are Suitable for Birthdays?

You can always find great gifts for men at Everything but Flowers. Some of the great gifts for men below are counted among our most original, so be sure to consider any of these great gifts for men for birthdays!

The LED Cube Speaker

Why bother with a normal speaker if you could have the LED Cube Speaker from our great gifts for men overview? The LED Cube Speaker is designed to resemble a traditional rubix cube. However, this cube does more than provide a riddle, since it is a genuine speaker.

When the LED Cube Speaker is being used, it turns any room into a party environment. The LED Cube Speaker comes with lights, and a bunch of other features that your recipient cannot pass on for his birthday.

The Sunnylife Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss

Another one of our recommendations for birthdays is a fun party game that takes the recipient back to his childhood. One of these party games in our collection is the Sunnylife Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss, which can be used indoors and outdoors!

The Sunnylife Inflatable Cactus Ring Toss measures a spacious 67 cm x 45 cm x 50 cm and is made from a durable type of PVC plastic. Even though it is designed for anyone aged three and older, this unique game will undoubtedly provide some laughs during an adult’s birthday party.

Which Unique Anniversary Gifts for Men Can You Suggest from the Home & Outdoor Collection?

Anniversary gifts for men do not always have to be serious, especially not with the novelty options in our home and outdoor collection. Below, you will find our favourite anniversary gifts for men, which prove surprisingly functional for novelty gifts.

The Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set

For men who like smoky flavours, you may want to include the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set from this overview of anniversary gifts for men. When you need to find the perfect gift for men who love gourmet foods, this gift should be first on your list.

With the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set from our anniversary gifts for men collection, your recipient can add a smoky flavour to any ingredient or meal. The set already comes with some special wood chips, but your recipients will find many other unique smoky flavours to add as well.

Urban Greens Mixologist’s Grow Kit

Is your recipient someone who thoroughly enjoys a cocktail on his anniversary? Then be sure to choose Urban Greens Mixologist’s Grow Kit from this overview of anniversary gifts for men. With this kit, your recipient cannot only make unique cocktails, he can grow his own ingredients from scratch!

How Do I Find the Perfect Gift for Men Who Have It All in the Novelty Section?

One of the most difficult recipients to buy a present for is a man who has everything. Still, Everything but Flowers has the perfect suggestion if you are looking for the perfect gift for men who have it all, because you could choose one of our original experiences!

Escape Room for 2 Experience

There are many original experiences you could consider when you need to find the perfect gift for men who have it all; this includes the Escape Room for 2 Experience. The Escape Room for 2 is the perfect gift for men who love adventure, but also men who like to use their wits.

During the Escape Room for 2 Experience, your recipient and his companion must escape a room by solving riddles and finding clues. Of course, there is a time limit and a theme, which makes this entire game a lot more interesting.

Romantic Margaret River Sunset Tour for 2

Looking for a romantic experience for a recipient who has it all? If so, consider the Romantic Margaret River Sunset Tour for 2 in West Australia. During this experience, your recipient and his partner will spend an amazing day together, enjoying good wine, food, and a marvellous sunset they will never forget!


Do you have any further questions about the novelty experiences and gifts available at Everything but Flowers? Get in touch with our friendly team of experts to get additional information. Our team can provide you with more recommendations, but also provide you with detailed information on each of our novelty gifts.