Corkcicle Air For Wine

Cool, Aerate & Pour Wine Easily

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Wine lovers will delight with the most unique, practical wine gift ever created – The Corkcicle Air for Wine. This truly clever gift not only keeps wine at just the right temperature, it also aerates it and acts as a wine pourer, all in one!

This clever design allows users to pop the Corkcicle in the freezer; the non-toxic fluid inside freezes and when inserted into any bottle of wine it goes to work magically. The Corkcicle sits down in the wine to keep white wine cool or bring red wine up to cellaring temperature which is slightly cooler than room temperature to help enhance the flavours.

The top of the Corkcicle features a cork design that seals into the neck of the bottle, but like magic, the tip of the cork acts as a lid that when removed reveals a pourer/aerator to ensure perfect wine ever time.

A truly unique gift for wine lovers allowing them to enjoy their favourite wine at just the right temperature for the ultimate flavour and aroma from Everything But Flowers.

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