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Even the most laidback, relaxed, and informal guy could use a cufflink and tie clip set. For D.I.Y. significant others or fathers, the Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip set is sure to please! This set combines formality with whimsy. It includes flat-head screw-shaped cufflinks with lug nuts and a nail-shaped tie clip.

The cufflinks and the tie clip come in hip Gents Hardware keepsake tin. Both items are made with durable stainless steel.

Surprise your Mr. Fix-It with Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip as a birthday or Father’s Day present. And browse Everything But Flowers today to find an array of fun, useful, and neat men’s gifts!

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Discover a Unique Range of Themed Cufflinks from our Birthday Gifts Range!

If you are searching for unique birthday presents for men, we can certainly recommend looking at the extensive range of cufflinks at Everything but Flowers. All cufflinks inside our birthday presents range have a theme, so there is always something special to find for your recipient. Want to learn more about the cufflinks inside our birthday presents range? Read on to discover our overview of recommended cufflinks for birthdays!

The Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip

When your recipient, someone who is quite handy and likes to fix everything in the house himself, needs some wonderful birthday presents, we can certainly recommend the Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip from our birthday presents range. The Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip are perfect for the D.I.Y. man, featuring a flat-head and screw-shaped design.

The Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip is not the only gift that is suitable for the D.I.Y. man, since we have more themed gifts in our range that may suit the lifestyle of this type of man. To find some of these birthday presents, be sure to look at our range of men’s gifts.

The Gin to My Tonic Cufflinks in Silver

Women who need a pair of cufflinks for their husband, and want the cufflinks to have a romantic message, should have a look at our Gin to My Tonic Cufflinks in Silver. These cufflinks feature a romantic yet humorous message, which is suitable for more than birthdays alone. 

The Gin to My Tonic Cufflinks in Silver measure 16 millimetres in size and are completely free of nickel, which is good news for men with certain allergies. The cufflinks are finished with special dome glass and are quite durable. The cufflinks also have a special water-resistant finish, ensuring they can withstand any weather easily. 

Our Gin to My Tonic Cufflinks in Silver are also handcrafted in Australia, so if your man likes genuine Australian quality, these cufflinks are the ones to get. As an extra bonus, these cufflinks are not only suitable for formal attire, since they can also be worn with your casual shirts.

The Worlds Okayest Dad in Silver

At Everything but Flowers, customers can also find gifts for Father’s Day; this includes the Worlds Okayest Dad Silver Cufflinks, a gift your dad will cherish forever. Naturally, this gift is best suited for dads with a good sense of humour.

Like all other cufflinks in our range, these cufflinks do not contain any nickel. The Worlds Okayest Dad Cufflinks in Silver are made with silver plating and a dome glass finish, which combines durability with water-resistant qualities. Therefore, these cufflinks are perfect for anyone who appreciates the fine quality and finesse of a good pair of cufflinks.

The Daddy Bear Cufflinks

Dads with their own personal style will appreciate these Daddy Bear Cufflinks. They are the best cufflinks for dads who like to shower their family with hugs, and of course play the protective role when anyone wants to harm them. So, show your dad how much you appreciate him with these amazing cufflinks!

Like many other cufflinks in our extensive range, the Daddy Bear Cufflinks are handcrafted. They are made by a company called “Hello We Make Stuff”, a business that started from a spare bedroom and grew into an international business sending their remarkable products all over the world. Their products are known for their quality, so you cannot go wrong by buying some cufflinks from this brand.

The Tennis Ball Cufflinks in Silver

Is your dad someone who likes to play tennis? Or someone who does a lot of exercise in general? Then you may want to consider one of our cufflinks with a sportive theme. The Tennis Ball Cufflinks in Silver are a prime example of such cufflinks, since they feature a photo-realistic image of a tennis ball. 

The Tennis Ball Cufflinks in silver can be worn no matter where you go, because they are covered in dome glass, making these cufflinks not only more durable, but also more resistant. In other words, these cufflinks are perfect for dads who like to train, no matter what the weather is like!

The Bull-Ish Bear-Ish Cufflinks

If the man you need a present for is active in the financial world, you may want to consider the Bull-Ish and Bear-Ish Cufflinks. As you know already, the bull is a powerful symbol in the financial world, referring to the bull market. The bear is important to though, because he refers to the hunt. Therefore, these cufflinks are perfect for goal getters!

These cufflinks are not only suitable for formal occasions, they can also be worn during a day at the office, especially if the man in question works in the financial sector. These cufflinks will provide him with more confidence and make him appear successful, which could be a great asset in the competitive world of finances.

The Dapper Cufflink Box

Are you planning to get your dad or partner some cufflinks from our extensive range? Then you may want to consider combining the cufflinks with this luxurious Dapper Cufflinks Box, especially if your dad or partner has a considerable number of cufflinks already.

The Dapper Cufflinks Box is handcrafted and especially designed to hold cufflinks, money clips, tie tacks and other accessories commonly used by men. Because of its versatility, this Dapper Cufflinks Box is suitable for many occasions; this includes a birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day.

More Luxurious Cufflinks at Everything but Flowers

Cannot get enough of our cufflinks? Then we have more options available to you. In addition to the cufflinks and cufflink box already described, we can provide you with other options such as Dice Cufflinks, Bicycle Cufflinks, Australia Map Cufflinks in Silver and many more. Therefore, there is a suitable pair of themed cufflinks everybody.

Do you have any questions about our cufflinks? Or would you like some gift advice? Feel free to contact the Everything but Flowers team for some individual advice!