Whisky Glass By Eva Solo

270ml-Capacity Whisky Tumbler

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A good tumbler is the icing on the cake that is drinking whisky. With a gorgeous design and generous 270ml capacity, this Eva Solo Whisky Glass is every whiskey-drinker’s dream. The thin glass rim of the tumbler slants elegantly downward, creating a glass that’s beautiful and comfortable to drink from. This glass measures 7.8 x 13cm.

Whisky connoisseurs and occasional whisky drinkers alike will love to receive the Eva Solo Whisky Glass as a Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day gift. You might even consider giving two of these beautiful tumblers instead of one so the lucky gift recipient can sip whisky with a friend.

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Check Out Our Overview of Whisky-Related Father’s Day Present Ideas

Many dads love a good drop of whisky and Everything but Flowers provides customers with loads of whisky-related Father’s Day present ideas. If you still need some Father’s Day present ideas for whisky lovers, why not check out some of the recommendations from our experts? We have some amazing whisky-related Father’s Day present ideas for you today!

What Is the First Whisky-Related Father’s Day Present?

One of our first Father’s Day present ideas that is an absolute must for whisky lovers is the Eva Solo Whisky Glass. The Eva Solo Whisky Glass from our range of first Father’s Day presents is the perfect option for a whisky-loving dad, because this glass can optimise their whisky-drinking experience.

The Eva Solo Whisky Glass from our range of first Father’s Day present is a stunning glass tumbler with a slanted edge. The slanted edge ensures that whisky drinkers get the most from the aroma, while making the overall drinking of the whisky easier.

What Is the Second Whisky-Related Father’s Day Present?

There are more whisky-related first Father’s Day presents you could consider, including our Diamond Glasses Set. The Diamond Glasses Set contains two amazing glasses with a unique design, and they are bound to impress dad on Father’s Day.

As the name suggests, the Diamond Glasses from our range of first Father’s Day presents are made in a diamond design. The unique design of the glasses also optimises the drinking experience of the whisky lover. Each of the glasses from our range of first Father’s Day presents is made from borosilicate; this makes the glasses light, but also ensures the taste of the whisky remains unaffected.

What Is the Third Whisky-Related Father’s Day Present?

Want to gift dad a nice whisky complemented by countless gourmet treats? No problem, because our range of first Father’s Day presents also includes some stunning whisky hampers.

One of the hampers you can consider from our range of good Father’s Day presents is the Glenmorangie 10-Year Original with Whisky Tumblers. Inside this hamper from our good Father’s Day presents catalogue, customers can find a genuine bottle of Glenmorangie Original, the favourite whisky of many Australians.

In addition to Glenmorangie whisky, this hamper from our good Father’s Day presents catalogue also includes countless gourmet treats. Of course, each of the gourmet treats matches the flavour of the whisky, which means customers can count on flavours such as dark chocolate coffee beans, crème brûlée roasted peanuts, and chocolate & nut mix.

Finally, the Glenmorangie hamper from our range of good Father’s Day presents also includes a pair of tumblers, which were obtained from the Glenmorangie label as well. So, once your dad gets his hands on these tumblers from our good Father’s Day presents catalogue, he will always get the most from his Glenmorangie whiskies.

Of course, the whisky inside this hamper can be poured in one of the other tumblers in our catalogue as well. Since these tumblers can enhance flavours as well as aroma, they are a perfect match for Glenmorangie whisky too.

Where Can I Find More Whisky-Related Presents for Father’s Day?

Everything but Flowers has a bunch of other whisky-related presents you could be taking advantage of. We have more hampers with excellent whiskies, but also unique whisky glasses, accessories, and gadgets. So, if you would like more inspiration for Father’s Day, be sure to check the men’s catalogue today.

Do you need more information about one of our whisky-related presents? If you need some additional information, simply contact the Everything but Flowers team via email or telephone.