OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch

Timeless European Sports Design

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Those who want to make an impression on the sports field will love this statement piece from watch experts OOZOO. With European design and quality, The Netherland’s favourite watch brand is now available in Australia.

With stunning appearance and functionality he’s sure to be overjoyed with this stunning watch, featuring a 50mm black aluminium case and watch face, with a black rubber strap and striking silver detail and watch hands, simple and timeless design is what this sports watch is all about. Featuring Japanese quartz time mechanics and a nickel free stainless steel back for added comfort, he’ll be impressed with a 1 year mechanical warranty too.

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Why Should I Choose the OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch from the Men’s Presents Collection?

A nice watch such as the OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch from our men’s presents catalogue is undoubtedly going to please your dad this Father’s Day. The quality watch features a timeless European design, but also has some extra features that make this quality watch from the men’s presents collection a must-have!

The OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch from the Father’s Day presents catalogue never fails to impress. This watch from the Father’s Day presents range features some stunning silver details, which form a beautiful contrast with the matte black clock face.

When you choose the OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch from our Father’s Day presents range, you can count on a Japanese quartz time mechanism, which are considered as some of the best in the world. It also comes with a 1-year mechanical warranty, so your dad can certainly rely on the quality of this watch from the Father’s Day presents collection.

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Do you want to plan something special for Father’s Day, ideally containing lots of food? If you are, we recommend choosing an experience such as the Food Tour & Dining for 10 Experience in Melbourne.

The Food Tour & Dining for 10 Experience is a Pastuso restaurant package. It enables your dad to enjoy an exquisite eating experience with friends and family, which lets everyone meet the finest gourmet foods from hidden places in Melbourne’s laneways, eateries and more. The experience also lets your dad, friends and family, get familiar with some of Melbourne’s best chefs.

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Is your dad a car fanatic, who would love a ride in a genuine Porsche? If so, be sure to check out the Ultimate Porsche Day Tour in Sydney! During this tour, your dad will experience a ride in a Porsche on a route that spans over 250 kilometres. So, there is a lot to enjoy during this experience.

During the 250-kilometre Porsche ride, your dad will experience some of Sydney’s best touring routes. The tour begins with an exploration of the Royal National Park, closely followed by the Otford Cliff Top. Once the Otford Cliff Top is reached, the open road adventure begins.

The power of a genuine Porsche certainly gets tested during this experience, because along the route lies a climb of Macquarie Pass. Then, the experience is followed with hitting some of the back roads in the direction of Burrawang.

Naturally, there is much more driving and experiencing to do with this experience from Everything but Flowers. To get more details on this delightful experience, please head over to the product description page of the Ultimate Porsche Day Tour.

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Does your dad like camping, but is he getting a little too old to sleep in a tent? No need to worry, because we have the solution in the form of the Glamping Hub Experience, for which a voucher can be obtained at Everything but Flowers.

The Glamping Hub Vouchers enables your dad to experience the natural beauty of Australia from the convenience and comfort of luxurious and eco-friendly accommodation. The accommodation comes with a king-sized bed and a hot shower. In short, all the amenities you would expect at home.

What If I Cannot Decide on a Luxurious Present for My Dad?

Cannot decide on a present for your dad? No need to worry, because our range also contains a lot of vouchers. By buying one of our vouchers, you can let your dad choose his favourite experience of gifts. Therefore, buying a voucher always makes sure that you have picked the right present for your father this Father’s Day!

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for Father’s Day?

Would you like to get more inspiration for Father’s Day before you choose one of our vouchers? There are many other presents to discover, so be sure to check out some of the additional categories our range has.

Of course, customers can also acquire a luxurious gift for their dad by contact the Everything but Flowers team for some advice. We understand that it is not always easy to find the perfect luxurious gift for Father’s Day, but our team could certainly provide you with some smart suggestions.