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Timeless tan is the star of the day with the OOZOO Vintage Cognac Leather Watch from Europe's creators of stylish and stunning timepieces. Created in The Netherlands and now impressing stylish Aussies too, the range of OOZOO watches feature high quality quartz mechanics, and nickel free stainless steel back for comfortable wear, along with a splash proof design.

The Cognac Leather watch will become his favourite with a 44mm stylish silver case and details set against a white face, with the stunning Cognac tan leather band that adds a masculine touch to this European design. All OOZOO watches come with a 1 year mechanical warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

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When you browse our presents for him range, you will immediately notice a large range of luxury watches; this is no surprise, because watches are a popular present for men for many different occasions. If you want to get more familiar with the luxury watches inside our presents for him range, be sure to read on, since we are about to disclose our most popular releases.

OOZOO Vintage Cognac Leather Watch

One of the most popular brands of luxury men’s watches in the world is OOZOO, so some watches from this brand could not be missing from our range of presents for him. One of the OOZOO watches inside our range of presents for him is the OOZOO Vintage Cognac Leather Watch, which features a beautiful European design with a silver exterior and contemporary clock.

The OZOO Vintage Cognac Leather Watch from our range of presents for him is the perfect choice for the working man. The profession of the man does not matter, because this watch can take quite a bit of punishment. The watch is made from nickel-free stainless steel, which makes the watch durable, but also makes sure that men do not get an allergic reaction to the material after prolonged wear.

When you purchase one of these watches as a gift, you automatically get a one year mechanical warranty. This way, you are sure you are buying quality and get value for your hard-earned money.

OOZOO Vintage Black Leather Watch

Men with a love for vintage accessories might prefer the OOZOO Vintage Black Leather Watch as a gift. Like the cognac leather watch, this watch still features a European design, but the colours are slightly different. Instead of the cognac leather band, this watch is made with beautiful black leather. The accents are different to, since the details on the watch are made from rose gold.

The mechanics of this OOZOO watch are also of the highest quality. The watch itself is splash-resistant and comes with a one year mechanical warranty. The materials used to create this watch are also nickel-free, which is good news for men with an allergy to accessories containing nickel.

OOZOO Vintage Grey Watch

Many men prefer the vintage range of watches over all others, since these watches have a genuine masculine look. So, in addition to the vintage black and cognac watch, Everything but Flowers also offers this watch in grey.

Having a grey watch with silver accents is almost obligated for any man, since these watches can be combined with most formal attire. Of course, the same can be said for the black version of this watch, which is also a good choice for formal events or important business meetings. Therefore, Everything but Flowers recommends purchasing this vintage watch for businessmen who regularly attend important meetings, or have a regular formal occasion to attend.

OOZOO Vintage Matt Black Watch

Some men do not like attention drawn to themselves, and therefore prefer watches that are not too shiny. Fortunately, there is another option in the OOZOO Vintage range that matches this description – the OOZOO Vintage Matt Black Watch.

The OOZOO Vintage Matt Black Watch has a European design, but features a matte black finish that makes this watch blend with more outfits. If you prefer your watch to blend with your attire, whether this attire is formal or casual, this watch will be the best choice.

Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch

There are some men’s watches in our range that have an elegant design. These watches are suitable for both formal and casual occasions, so they are a versatile choice for any man with a love for quality watches. One of these watches inside our presents for him range is the Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch, an excellent release from famous brand Lambretta.

The Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch has a timeless design, since the design is based on the classic men’s watch from the 50’s. The leather strap is made from genuine quality leather and has a matte black finish, ensuring this watch can blend with most male attire.

OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch

Men who are physically active might find a sports watch more to their liking. A sports watch is also a better choice for men with professions such as personal trainer, coach or gym teacher. Fortunately for these men, Everything but Flowers also has an extensive range of sports watches on offer.

One of the sports watches available at Everything but Flowers is the OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch. The watch has stunning silver features on a gorgeous matte black background. Like most OOZOO watches, this watch also has a stunning European design, which is no surprise when you consider this watch was designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.

OOZOO Steel Black Diver Watch

Men who like to go for recreational dives will appreciate this watch from Everything but Flowers, considering it is waterproof up to ten metres. Of course, this OOZOO watch also features a beautiful design with clear European influences.

In addition to its waterproof properties and beautiful design, the OOZOO Steel Black Diver Watch has a high comfort level as well. When you wear a watch for several hours at a time, the last thing you need is something on your wrist that is uncomfortable. Fortunately, OOZOO has found the perfect solution to that with their comfort-supporting designs for watches. Therefore, be sure to grab one of these watches for the special man in your life!

Other Watches at Everything but Flowers

The watches mentioned above are just some of the popular choices we have available, since there are many other watches in our range. So, if you have not found the perfect watch for the special man in your life, no need to worry, because there are many more to choose from.

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