OOZOO Vintage Black Leather Watch

Rose Gold With Stunning Black Leather

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Give him the gift of style and European quality with the beautiful watch range from OOZOO. Designed in and imported from The Netherlands, this gorgeous vintage styled watch features a 44mm case in rose gold, set against a white watch face with rose gold details that is set off by a quality black leather strap.

The perfect watch to stay stylish whether at work or out with friends, OOZOO watches are loved throughout Europe and Aussie’s are sure to appreciate their fine styling and amazing quality. Featuring quality quartz time mechanics, splash resistance and a 1 year mechanical warranty along with nickel free stainless steel back to ensure comfort.

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The Fashionable Presents for Him at Everything but Flowers

At Everything but Flowers, you can find many fashionable presents for him. These gifts can be gifted during many special occasions, including Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. To discover our most fashionable Christmas presents and birthday presents for him, please read our overview below.

The OOZOO Vintage Black Leather Watch

One of our most fashionable Christmas presents is the OOZOO Vintage Black Leather Watch. This watch features a beautiful vintage design, which includes the casing and details of the watch in rose gold. It is the perfect gift for men who like quality leather watches and European designs.

The OOZOO vintage watches from our Christmas presents range are extremely popular with Europeans and have made their way to Australia recently. Of course, a classic OOZOO watch from our Christmas presents range is not your only option, because our Christmas presents and birthday presents range also includes some sportive and modern OOZOO watches. So, if the OOZOO Vintage Black Leather Watch from our presents for him range is not the style of your recipient, be sure to look at the other OOZOO watches our range could offer you.

The World’s Okayest Dad Silver Cufflinks

A pair of cufflinks is certainly a fashionable present for Father’s Day. In our range of presents for him, you will find several suitable cufflinks for your dad, but the recommended cufflinks for Father’s Day are still the World’s Okayest Dad Silver Cufflinks.

The World’s Okayest Dad Silver Cufflinks feature a funny message, but this does not mean that the quality of these cufflinks is any less. The cufflinks feature nickel-free silver plating and a dome glass finish, which provide an extra water-resistant quality. So, if you need a fun pair of cufflinks of superior quality, the World’s Okayest Dad Silver Cufflinks are your best choice.

The Men’s Leather Messenger Bag with Monogram

Our Men’s Leather Messenger Bag with Monogram is a good gift option from our birthday presents range. The messenger bag is made from the finest leather and can be personalised with handcrafted monogram. So, if you are looking for a personalised gift that is also fashionable, be sure to consider this gift from the birthday presents range.

If you wish to add a monogram to any of the personalised presents from our birthday presents range, please consider that our craftsmen need some time to apply the monogram to this exquisite leather bag. However, our company aims to send all personalised gifts within three business days.

In addition to the Men’s Leather Messenger Bag with monogram, there are other leather gifts at Everything but Flowers that could be personalised; this includes a leather overnight bag and card holder. So, if you wish to gift more than one personalised leather gift, be sure to consider any of the other leather items we have available.

The Black Shiny Heart Cufflinks

Looking for a fashionable yet romantic gift for your other half? Consider the Black Shiny Heart Cufflinks from Everything but Flowers. These cufflinks from our range feature a beautiful black heart shape with silver accents; this means that men can easily combine these cufflinks with most of their formal attire.

The Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip?

If you need a fashionable gift for a handy bloke, we have the ideal present for you in the form of the Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip. These cufflinks feature a genuine hardware design, underlining the special skills of the recipient you are buying the cufflinks for.

Our Gents Hardware Cufflinks & Tie Clip also come in a beautiful keepsake tin, which also features the perfect design for a handy bloke. So, your recipient will have the ideal place to store his valuable cufflinks and tie clip when he isn’t wearing them.

The Cartography Wallet

Buying gifts for someone who travels frequently can be complicated, because they are never in one place long enough to enjoy a present. But what if you could give the male traveller a present that they can take with them no matter where they are going?

The ideal gift for any traveller is the Cartography Wallet. The design of this wallet includes several topographic maps, which cover the entire interior of this travel-ready wallet. The exquisite wallet also has several convenient spaces for notes, credit cards and even coins. In short, a convenient wallet every traveller needs to keep their important travel documents and money at hand.

The Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch

In addition to the OOZOO Vintage Watch we described earlier, there is another classic watch in our range that should be considered by our customers – the Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch. The Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch features a retro design that can be traced back to the 50s. It has a stainless-steel case and a unique sunray dial, which leads to a classic watch that many men would love to own.

Our Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch is a classic watch made by one of the most successful watch manufacturers in the world, Lambretta. The watch designs of Lambretta always tend to be retro, so it is no surprise that these watches stand out considerably from most other watch brands.

In conclusion, if you want a watch that is considered retro, your best bet is one of the Lambretta watches. Customers can also find other Lambretta releases in our range, so if you like the idea of the Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch, but want more options, be sure to check out our cufflinks, watches and wallets range.

Other Remarkable Cufflinks, Watches and Wallets

The products described above are just some of the gift options you can use for your recipient, but there are many other cufflinks, watches and wallets that could match the personal preferences of your male recipient.

In addition to giving our customers access to unique and high-quality presents, Everything but Flowers also offers individual gift advice. So, if you are struggling to find the right cufflinks, watch or wallet, be sure to contact our experienced team for some assistance.