Black Shiny Heart Cufflinks

Let him wear his heart on his sleeve.

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There's a real hint of romance when you give this fine gift from Everything but Flowers. This cute set of cufflinks in a shiny black heart shape and they will make the perfect gift for any man in your life.

This cufflink gift set makes a great gift for any special occasion such as Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Christmas Day or a birthday. Everything But Flowers has 1,000s of gifts and experiences to choose from.

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Who should you give Fathers Day presents to?

Though it may seem as if Fathers Day is meant to be celebrated with your father and your father only, you can also use this day to give other important men tokens of appreciation and Fathers Day wishes. Dont worry, you wont cheapen the day by letting important men in your life that you care about them.

So why should you give Fathers Day presents to men other than your father? As we grow older, we come across people who change our lives, our friends begin having children, and we become more cognisant of the important men in our lives. Giving these men Fathers Day presents is a nice gesture to let those men know how we feel and why theyre appreciated.

So who exactly should receive Fathers Day presents on Fathers Day?

Due to the importance and meaning of a mans first Fathers Day, we recommend giving a small gift or card to any friends or family members who are celebrating their first Fathers Day. Giving a keepsake or a bottle of wine is a great idea and will be appreciated.

If your parent is remarried, its also appropriate to give Fathers Day gifts to your stepfather. If you barely know your stepfather, this is a good time to show him that youre interested in getting to know him better. If youre not very close to your stepfather, giving him Fathers Day presents is a good way to show him and your parent that youre happy theyre together.

Do you have a father-in-law? Then start thinking of some Fathers Day presents to send his way. Since youve just joined a new family, its polite to show your new in-laws that youre appreciative and happy to be in their family.

Is this the end of the list? Of course not. If there are men who have been influential in your life, you should let them know how they've influenced you positively. Men who may belong to this group include grandfathers, father-figures, and godfathers.

Do you have to go overboard?

Absolutely not! When youre choosing to celebrate Fathers Day with more than one or two people, feel free to simply send a card or a small gift. The idea is to show the person that theyre in your thoughts, so you certainly arent required to send a large or expensive gift.

A final tip:

If there are men in your life who have either influenced you, have acted as role models, or have just started their journey into fatherhood, let them know that youre thinking of them. Send a nice card and your best wishes.

If you dont feel like sending a card or gift on Fathers Day, pick another day out of the year to let the important men in your life know that theyre loved.