Cartography Card Holder

Two Pockets for Cards and One Pocket for Notes

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The Cartography Card Holder is great for a bike ride, hike, or run. It has room for all the essentials: some credit cards, a door pass, and a little cash. It features a lovely travel-inspired design with orange embroidery as an accent. The card holder measures an compact 0.3 x 12 x 8.5cm.

For the friend or family member who loves to hit the road, the Cartography Card Holder is sure to please. Give this incredible men’s gift for Christmas, Father’s Day, or a special occasion in between. Just remember to personalise your gift with a greeting card and gift wrap. Both time-saving customisation options are available from your Everything But Flowers cart.

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The Best Birthday Presents for Outdoorsy Men!

Do you need birthday presents for someone who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors? Or maybe you need birthday presents for a man who frequently travels? If any of these two situations applies to you, then be sure to read through our overview of birthday presents for outdoorsy men below!

Cartography Card Holder

The Cartography Card Holder from our birthday presents collection is an excellent gift for someone who travels or often spends time outside of the home. It is a slim card holder with a fun map design and the inscription “on the road”. The card holder only measures a compact 0.3 x 12 x 8.5 centimetres, so it is easy to store. Still, this slim card holder has enough room for credit cards and cash too!

The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue

A Sunnylife Portable Barbecue from our men’s presents collection is the ideal gift for an outdoorsy man. This compact barbecue can easily be taken on a camping trip, but also enables your recipient to cook some patties and snags on a beach day.

The Sunnylife Portable Barbecue contains a charcoal grill measuring 45 x 37 x 37 centimetres. Still, this barbecue remains delightfully light and compact, making it easier to store it in the back of the car!

Of course, the Sunnylife Portable Barbecue from our men’s presents collection is not only suitable for birthdays, because we can recommend this barbecue as a gift for all special occasions. Since this barbecue is so functional, you simply cannot pass on this present from our men’s presents collection!

The Premium United Nations Beer Hamper

Most outdoorsy men like to have a nice bottle of beer at the camp site, especially after a long day of hiking. Good beers can be difficult to find though, but certainly not at Everything but Flowers.

Even though we have many hampers containing beers, for the outdoorsy man we can certainly recommend the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper from our men’s presents collection. This hamper contains beers from all over the world; this includes Belgium and Germany! It also includes so-called monastery beers, which are quite rare in this day and age. So, an outdoorsy recipient with a love for beer is definitely going to appreciate this gift from the men’s presents collection!

The Cartography Wallet

If you liked the card holder we described earlier, we can recommend adding the Cartography Wallet to the gift; this is a great additional gift for any man who enjoys travelling. The Cartography Wallet has a topographic map design, but also convenient pockets to ensure the traveller can get quick access to anything he needs!

Aside from the Cartography Wallet, there are other leather wallets available at Everything but Flowers. So, if the design on the Cartography Wallet is not quite what you are looking for, be sure to look at some of the other wallets in our range too!

Slumber Off Road Safari in Melbourne

The outdoorsy man might enjoy one of our experiences too, so physical gifts are not your only option at Everything but Flowers. One of the experiences an outdoorsy recipient could appreciate is the Slumber Off Road Safari in Melbourne, the ideal experience for anyone who wants to get back in touch with nature.

When your recipient gets the Slumber Off Road Safari as a gift, he will be gifted 2 days’ entry in the zoo, but also stunning accommodation and a hosted off-road safari adventure. He will experience close encounters with many animals; this could include zebras, lions, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and so much more. Therefore, this experience is not only suitable for the outdoorsy man, but also for men who have an appreciation for wildlife and animals!

The Victorinox Red Pocket Knife

The last gift we would like to recommend for the outdoorsy man is the Victorinox Red Pocket Knife. Even though this knife is made by the Swiss experts, it is still one of our most affordable pocket knife options in our range. It contains all the essentials a man might need in the great outdoors, which makes this a great gift for campers.

Of course, there are bigger pocket knives available at Everything but Flowers too. If you would like to keep your options open, be sure to check out other pocket knives from Victorinox or other brands at Everything but Flowers!

More Gifts for the Outdoorsy Man!

Do you need even more gifts for the outdoorsy man? Head over to our main catalogue of men’s presents and find many other possible options! Everything but Flowers has an almost limitless collection of gifts for outdoorsy men and travellers, so we are sure you can find the perfect gift for this recipient. Need some help finding the right gift? Contact Everything but Flowers for free gift advice today!