You Only Live Once Hardcover Book

Appreciate Every Moment and Take a Leap of Faith

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Though we could argue all day about the meaning of life, we can all generally agree that a good life includes good food, friends, family, and hobbies. You Only Live Once is here to remind us that life should be lived! There’s no time like the present. Are there obstacles to overcome? Of course. But this book spurs us to action with interesting suggestions and encouragement. It includes fascinating infographics and stunning photography. It also features a cloth-spined hardcover and 1000 suggestions for life-changing experiences.

By Lonely Planet. Hardback Dimensions: 23 x 27cm. 336 pages.

We only live once, so maybe we should start acting like it! Browse Everything But Flowers for men’s gifts and you’ll find inspiring and encouraging books like this one. You Only Live Once is a thoughtful and fantastic present for anyone and everyone. Friends and family who want to travel will find this book especially wonderful!

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