Varietal Wines by James Halliday

By Wine Authority James Halliday

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Its taken a long time for a book to be released that puts Australian wines into an International context, but Wine Authority James Halliday has done just that with his release Varietal Wines. This hardback book offers an exciting insight into around 130 wine varieties and details how each wine is made, discusses regional styles and follows with listings for Australian and worldwide best producers for each variety.

The wine connoisseur in your life is going to be overjoyed with this gift which will become an essential reference guide to accompany their wine collection. As one of Australias leading wine experts, James Halliday has produced a beautifully detailed book with vivid photography that is sure to delight.

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Love Australian wine?

Australian winemaking started off a bit rocky due primarily to an unfamiliar terrain and environment. But by the early 1800s, Australian wine was available domestically and was being exported. Throughout the 1800s, Australian wines won award after award in Europe, proving themselves time and time again to be on par with their old world counterparts.

To this day, Australian wines are loved and appreciated the world over. In fact, Australia is the 4th largest exporter of wine in the world. James Halliday’s Varietal Wines is full of interesting and wonderful facts about Australian winemaking, making it a great men’s wine gift and coffee table book.

What will I discover Varietal Wines?

Varietal Wines is a book filled with fascinating information. In this compendium, author James Halliday comprehensively profiles and outlines the many wine grapes currently grown and cultivated in Australia. Halliday ties Australia’s winemaking history and abilities into a greater narrative, discussing its place on the world winemaking stage.

In this book, Halliday shares information on regional styles, wine producers, and production statistics. Halliday also discusses wine and grapes characteristics. And though Varietal Wines is filled with interesting information, there’s plenty of room left for vivid, colour photos that bring these page to life.

Who is James Halliday, AM?

If you love wine, particularly Australian wine, than you’ve likely heard of James Halliday AM. Halliday is a wine critic, maker, and writer. For decades, Halliday has lived and breathed wine. He’s authored and co-authored over 40 books about wine, including Varietal Wines. Through the years, he’s won a wide variety of awards for his books and his work in the Australian wine industry.

Halliday continues to be a tour de force in his field. He’s the recipient of many high honours, including the prestigious Maurice O’Shea Award in 1995. And in 2010, he was made a Member of the Order of Australia, recognising his service in Australia’s wine industry.

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Varietal Wines is a fantastically written book. It’s informative, interesting, and perhaps the most comprehensive collection of information about Australian wine and Australian varietals. And with James Halliday at the helm, you can be sure this book will quickly become a go-to guide for all things Australian wine.

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