Pornburger: Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes Cookbook

There’s more than one kind of beefcake!

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Eating something truly decadent somehow seems wrong, yet so very, very right. Chef and food stylist Mathew Ramsey knows this all too well. His book Pornburger: Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes is a smorgasbord of practically pornographic photographs, sexy descriptions, and recipes that have to be made to be believed. This recipe book features recipes like the Spamela Anderson, the Horn Dog, and the I Woke Up Like This.

Hardback Dimensions: 21.3 x 3 x 26.2cm. 312 pages.

As far as sexy men’s gifts go, we’re not sure what could be sexier than Pornburger: Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes. This is the perfect Christmas or Father’s Day present for men who love their burgers and don’t mind getting a bit naughty!

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Premium Father’s Day Present Ideas – The Foodie Books at Everything but Flowers!

When you need the perfect Father’s Day present ideas for foodies, the first thing you usually go to is a gourmet hamper or a nice selection of luxurious gourmet products. However, you can choose some of our Father’s Day present ideas that will last your dad much longer than any gourmet selection – our ultimate collection of foodie books! Check out our range of Father’s Day present ideas from the foodie book section below.

What Is the First Foodie Book Suitable for Father’s Day?

One of our favourite Father’s Day present ideas for foodies is Pornburger, a unique book that teaches your dad more about making the juiciest burgers. With Pornburger from our collection of first Father’s Day presents, your dad will gain access to the most delicious and decadent burgers. Enough to last a lifetime.

The burgers described in Pornburger also have their own unique names and descriptions, which could almost be called pornographic. With recipes such as the Spamela Anderson and the Horn Dog, dad will enjoy the read just as much as cooking the recipes!

What Is the Second Foodie Book Suitable for Father’s Day?

Our second recommendation from the first Father’s Day presents catalogue is 5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food, one of the bestsellers from celebrity chef Jaimie Oliver. It is a must-have for those who are not necessarily gourmet chefs yet, but certainly enjoy having a good gourmet meal from time to time.

5 Ingredients, Quick and Easy Food from our range of first Father’s Day presents teaches dad some fast and simple foods with loads of taste. The best thing of all about this book from our first Father’s Day presents catalogue? Your dad only needs five ingredients to make each of the recipes! You will not find an easier cookbook in our range of good Father’s Day presents.

What Is the Third Foodie Book Suitable for Father’s Day?

Another great option from our range of first Father’s Day presents is Matt Moran’s Australian Food. This book from our good Father’s Day presents catalogue is perfect for Aussie food lovers, since this book covers most classic Australian recipes.

Matt Moran’s Australian Food from our catalogue of good Father’s Day presents covers recipes to cater to all Australian tastes. The book has a total of 240 pages and includes anything from seafood to regional meats and vegetables. What more could an Aussie food lover want?

What Is the Fourth Foodie Book Suitable for Father’s Day?

Is your dad a true chef with his own secret recipes? If so, you could consider My Family Cookbook from the good Father’s Day presents category. The book does not provide any new recipes though, since this option from our good Father’s Day presents catalogue is a journal designed to keep the family recipes in order!

What Is the Fifth Foodie Book Suitable for Father’s Day?

When you ask your dad about his favourite meal and he replies, ‘a good roast’, then you cannot pass on the Roast cookbook from our good Father’s Day present catalogue. Inside this book, your dad can learn everything he needs to know about cooking beef, chicken, and even seafood.

Roast is a real page turner for roast lovers, even though this book counts a whopping 208 pages. Each of the recipes comes with easy-to-follow instructions too. So, even if your dad is not as experienced in the cooking department, he will have no problems following these recipes.

Of course, Roast is not the only easy-to-follow cookbook in our collection that could sharpen your dad’s cooking skills. In addition to cookbooks, we also offer cooking experiences. So, be sure to check out all the cooking-related options in our catalogue.