Things To Do On The Loo Book

Filled with activities, puzzles, games and trivia!

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Even since the arrival of the smart phone, it can be surprisingly tricky to keep ourselves amused while we’re sitting on the toilet each day. And although it may only be five minutes at a time, it adds up to dozens of hours each year! That’s why ‘Things To Do On The Loo’ is the novelty gift that truly keep on giving!

This 96 page hard-back book has been filled-to-the-brim with a broad selection of amusing activities that will have you glued to the dunny. We’re talking brainteasers, crafts, puzzles, fun-facts and quizzes! The only difficulty now will be to not keep the next person waiting on the other side of the door…

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Dimensions: 165x195x15 mm

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The Best Men’s Novelty Presents for Father’s Day!

Everything but Flowers has a great catalogue filled with men’s presents for Father’s Day; this also includes a separate category with men’s novelty presents. If you have been looking for men’s presents with a novelty tinge, be sure to check out our recommendations from the men’s presents catalogue below.

What Is the First Recommended Novelty Present for Father’s Day?

We like a good laugh here at Everything but Flowers, so our first suggestion from our range of men’s presents is certainly no surprise. Things to Do in the Loo is a novelty book from our men’s novelty presents collection, delivering countless activities, puzzles, games, and trivia for the house’s smallest room.

With Things to Do on the Loo from our men’s presents range, your dad can finally beat bathroom boredom! This book from the Father’s Day presents catalogue packs a lot of punch with 96 pages of fun things to do. So, if dad often complains about bathroom boredom, Things to Do on the Loo from our Father’s Day presents catalogue should be on the shortlist.

What Is the Second Recommended Novelty Present for Father’s Day?

Does your dad get a little irritated when Donald Trump is mentioned? Why not give him the ultimate present from our Father’s Day presents catalogue in the form of Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump.

Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump from our Father’s Day presents collection is perfect for dads who like to poke fun at the United States president. This book from our Father’s Day presents range contains Trump’s infamous tweets and speeches, but the author of the book has made them a little more poetic. In short, this is the perfect book for men with a genuine dislike for Trump.

What Is the Third Recommended Novelty Present for Father’s Day?

One of our most functional men’s novelty presents is the Barbecue Toolbox. With this unique barbecue, your dad can count on a portable barbecue, which he can take with him no matter where he goes.

The Barbecue Toolbox from our men’s novelty presents range has a toolbox design, which makes this portable barbecue masculine through and through. The main cooking area of the portable barbecue measures 38.1 centimetres by 20.3 centimetres, giving him plenty of space for his favourite snags and patties.

Even though the Barbecue Toolbox is a portable barbecue, dads can expect an exceptional level of control with this barbecue. The design of the barbecue includes the carry handles to be transformed into a barbecue stand, which allows for the proper airflow to reach the barbecue. It also contains a removable fuel tray, which makes maintenance of this portable barbecue a whole lot easier.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Novelty Present for Father’s Day?

Is your dad fond of game night? Then you will find many presents he will appreciate for game night. One of these options is the Games Room Poker Set, containing everything he needs for a poker night with his dearest friends.

The Games Room Poker Set contains a dealer button and two decks of cards, ensuring he has plenty of cards for the poker game. The set also includes 200 poker chips, so he can have the genuine casino experience from the convenience of his own home. However, our Games Room Poker Set is also remarkably portable, so this set can certainly be taken on vacation or on a trip.

There are more novelty presents for dads who love game night; this includes a pack of gold-plated playing cards and even some drinking games. For a full overview of all the game night presents we have available, be sure to check the online catalogue.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Novelty Present for Father’s Day?

Want to get your dad something fun and functional for Father’s Day? If so, get him one of our Folding Smart Phone Mount. With the Folding Smart Phone Mount, your dad can keep his phone safe and secure.

The Folding Smart Phone Mount can be used in the office, but also in the car. The mount has a suction grip, enabling dads to attach the mount to smooth services. The mount can also hold any phone with a width up to 9 centimetres, so most dads will be able to benefit from this outstanding phone mount.

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There are more men’s novelty presents your dad will appreciate on Father’s Day. Our range contains more novelty books, gadgets, tech, and a whole lot more. So, if you need more inspiration this Father’s Day, why not check out the additional men’s presents in that catalogue?

Do you have a question about one of our men’s presents? Do not hesitate to contact the Everything but Flowers team for more information.