Bar Hopper Handbook

Graduate from a Barfly to a Bar Legend!

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Bar hopping isn’t just a way to spend Friday night; bar hopping is an art. And just like any art, it takes practice to reach mastery. The Bar Hopper Handbook teaches its reader how to make the most of each bar visit, with tips and tricks on how to get a date, score a free drink, and have the night of their life!

The Bar Hopper Handbook is a fantastic gift for the barfly in your life. Before you know it, they’ll be a nightlife legend! The 112-page book is written by Dan DiSorbo and Ben Applebaum. It measures 12.2 x 16.5cm.

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Must-Have Books for Father’s Day – Discover Them in Our Father’s Day Presents Catalogue!

If your dad is an avid reader, you could certainly benefit from choosing a nice book from our men’s presents catalogue. Below, we have listed an overview of the best books from the men’s presents collection. So, if you need some inspiration before you can choose a gift, be sure to consider the recommendations from our men’s presents range.

Why Should I Choose the Bar Hopper Handbook from the Father’s Day Presents Range?

Dads who like to pub crawl or bar hop will certainly appreciate this book from our men’s presents range – The Bar Hopper Handbook. As the name suggests, this book provides dads with useful information about bar hopping; this includes how to make the most out of a visit, get a free drink, or have the most fun. Whichever your dad is interested in, the Bar Hopped Handbook from the men’s presents range is certainly going to delight your dad this Father’s Day.

Why Should I Choose the Whiskey Notes Book from the Father’s Day Presents Range?

Whiskey lovers are bound to appreciate the Whiskey Notes Book from our Father’s Day presents collection, because this book enables them to record their favourite whiskeys. It also offers some room to record your father’s own distilled brews, so this book is also suitable for dads who are creating their own whiskey.

The Whiskey Notes Book from our Father’s Day presents collection measures 13 cm x 2.3 cm x 21.6 cm. It is designed to bring a whiskey-lover in touch with his whisky preferences, subsequently enabling them to compare their tasting notes over time. Therefore, this book could be used by your dad to discover his favourite whiskey too!

Why Should I Choose the Barber Book from Everything but Flowers?

Just like women’s hairstyles, men’s hairstyles have gone through quite a few transformations over the years. The Barber Book is created in honour of those changes, because this book contains numerous illustrations, tips, stories, and photographs of various hairstyles throughout the 20th century.

The Barber Book measures 15 cm x 21 cm and contains a total of 200 pages. So, this is so much more than a book with just some pictures. It contains loads of information, tips and advice, so you cannot pass on the Barber Book for Father’s Day this year.

Why Should I Choose the Beatles: The BBC Archives Book?

If your dad is a Beatles fan, you are bound to delight him with the Beatles: The BBC Archives Book. The book explains the relationship between the BBC and the Beatles, since the BBC media company played a huge role in their success. Of course, it also contains some transcripts recorded from just before the band split!

Since this book from our Father’s Day range is extremely detailed, this book is certainly a good buy for Beatles super fans. Even if your Father already has a large Beatle collection, we can almost guarantee he will not own this exquisite book yet.

Why Should I Choose Feed the Man Meat Book from Everything but Flowers?

While cooking meats may appear simple to the untrained eye, cooking a nice steak or the perfect chicken could be described as an artform. There are many things to consider, which is one of the reasons why we recommend the Feed the Man Meat book for dads who wish to master that art.

Feed the Man Meat is written by Chef & author Oscar Smith. It counts a total of 184 pages and contains tips regarding cooking temperatures, picking the right grill, and how to cook meat perfectly. All this advice is supplemented with 70 delicious recipes too, which goes from a delicious savoury chicken and sides to delicious desserts! Everything a dad with a love for cooking would want!

Why Should I Choose Architects’ Houses: Twenty Australian Homes from Everything but Flowers?

Architects’ Houses: Twenty Australian Homes is our most popular book on interior decorating and house building, so this is an excellent choice for dads who have an interest in these topics. If your dad is an architect by profession, you could consider this book for Father’s Day too.

Inside Architects’ Houses: Twenty Australian Homes displays some of the best designs of renowned Australian architects. It does not only show the good parts though, because it also displays some examples of designs that did not work. So, if your dad needs some inspiration regarding interior design or architecture, be sure to check out this book from Everything but Flowers!

Where Can I Find More Books for Father’s Day at Everything but Flowers?

There are countless other books for Father’s Day at Everything but Flowers. So, if you have not found the perfect book in this overview, there is no need to worry!

To see more options for Father’s Day, please head over to our Father’s Day presents collection and discover the popular books our team picked out for you.