Lonely Planet Atlas Of Adventure Book

Hike, dive, climb & surf around >150 nations!

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There’s loads to love about travelling: culture, beautiful landscapes, food, nightlife, and meeting friendly people. But for some us, all of this comes second to the adventure experiences. If you know a thrill-seeker who loves to hike, surf, dive, and climb their way through every country they visit, then this is the travel book for them!

Lonely Planet’s Atlas of Adventure serves as an encyclopaedia of the world’s best outdoor activities. It works its way through more than one-hundred-and-fifty countries, providing descriptions, first-hand accounts, directions, photos, and tips about the best adventures available to travellers. From the tame and accessible, like hiking in Australia; to the wild and outlandish, like volcano diving in El Salvador and dogsledding in Greenland!

This 336 page hardcover measures approximately 23 x 27 x 3cm. Don’t forget to include your personal message in a free gift card – available with every purchase.


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