Wall Clock Blue & Copper Watch

A Timeless and Silent Station-Style Clock

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This Wall Clock Blue & Copper Watch is the pinnacle of clean, modern design. In fact, the hands travel around the clock face in one sweeping, continuous motion. The clock doesn’t tick, beep, or make so much as one annoying peep! With its sleek appearance and silent mechanism, this station-style wall clock is ideal for a quiet study or office.

The clock has an approximate diameter of 27.5cm. It requires a AA battery (excluded).

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Are you struggling to choose the right gifts for Father’s Day this year? No need to worry, because our popular men’s presents might provide you with the inspiration you need! Inside our men’s presents collection, you can find interesting home décor, but also books, utensils, experiences and so much more. Curious about the most popular choices for Father’s Day in our men’s presents collection? Read our information below to find out what you should give your dad!

Why Should I Choose the Wall Clock Blue & Copper Watch from our Men’s Presents Catalogue?

The Wall Clock Blue & Copper Watch from the Father’s Day presents collection is the most popular home décor choice. It is not difficult to see why though, because who does not want this exquisite clock in their home?

Our Wall Clock Blue & Copper Watch from the Father’s Day presents collection has a stunning blue clock face, white details, and a copper case. It is also equipped with silent sweep technology; this means that you cannot hear the clock tick. So, in addition to being stunning, this clock is also nice and quiet!

Why Should I Choose the Whisky Glass by Eva Solo from the Father’s Day Presents Catalogue?

Our Whisky Glass by Eva Solo from the Father’s Day presents catalogue is the most popular gift for whisky lovers, because this whisky glass could enhance your father’s whisky-drinking experience.

The Whisky Glass by Eva Solo from our Father’s Day Presents range has a unique slant design with a thin rim. The thin rim enables easier drinking, while the slant optimises the aroma of the whisky. So, if your dad has a lot of expensive whiskies in his home, the Whisky Glass by Eva Solo is bound to get plenty of use.

In addition to designer whisky glasses, Everything but Flowers also offers some exquisite whiskies in its range. If you want to add to the Whisky Glass by Eva Solo for Father’s Day, be sure to check out our collection of whiskies too. You could also add the Whisky Notes Book, which enables your dad to keep record of his whisky-drinking experience.

Why Should I Choose the Water Wars Pistol Set from Everything but Flowers?

Is your dad someone who could be described as a big child? If so, you could consider the Water Wars Pistols Set. The Water Wars Pistols Set is a fun game for young and old, delivering the ultimate outdoor game to test your dad’s strategy and wit.

The Water Wars Pistols Set contains two orange water pistols and acrylic vests. The acrylic vests have a white bullseye on them. When the bullseyes on the acrylic vests are hit with water, they change their colour to red. When you let them dry after a game, they change their colour back to white. Therefore, these vests can be used for many games in the future!

Why Should I Choose the Resin Art Masterclass from Everything but Flowers?

Is your father an artist who would love to expand on his skills with a resin art class? If so, you could consider the Resin Art Masterclass, which will sharpen your dad’s art skills.

The Resin Art Masterclass can be attended in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. The class lasts between three and three-and-a-half hours. During the class, your dad will get some hands-on resin art experience through demonstrative teaching methods, where the teacher will assist students to create their own resin art. After the class, your dad can take that piece of art home with him too, which makes this a great class all-round.

Please note that the Resin Art Masterclass is suitable for recipients for all skill levels, so even if your dad has just picked up art recently, the Resin Art Masterclass will be quite valuable. Of course, even experienced artists will enjoy this class, because the class is tailored for the skill level of your recipient.

There are more artistic experiences in our range. So, if you would like to give your dad another artistic experience, please head over to our experiences range and pick out something else for Father’s Day!

Where Can I See More Popular Father’s Day Presents at Everything but Flowers?

Do you need some additional inspiration for Father’s Day? In our catalogue of Father’s Day presents, customers can find numerous popular choices, which can be viewed by the amount of times they are sold by using the filter menu.

Have any questions about the gifts we described above? Or do you need some recommendations for Father’s’ Day this year? If you need some assistance, you can always count on the Everything but Flowers customer representatives. Our team is familiar with the entire range, so we can provide you with more information or some recommendations for your dad’s special day.