Red Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

The ideal gift for the beer drinking man!

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The vibrant bright colour and elegant design of this bottle opener will add style to your fridge. Its polished exterior and colour easily blend with the smooth surface of your refrigerator. This magnet-backed bottle opener sticks securely to the best strategic spot exactly where you need it! Its back does not scratch the surface of the fridge door, making it a useful accent.

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Do you know how to outdo your siblings on Fathers Day?

Of course Fathers Day isnt really about outdoing your siblings. Its about celebrating your father and letting him know how much you appreciate him. But lets be honest, sometimes those sibling rivalries just beg to be brought back up. And what better way to do it than to see who can buy your dad the best Fathers Day presents?

Do you know what your dad really wants for Fathers Day?

The first step to outdoing your siblings is to know exactly what Fathers Day presents will make your father the happiest. If you dont know what your dad wants right off the top of your head, no problem! There are some quick and easy questions you can ask to come up with something truly special.

What shared activity do you enjoy with your father?

Try to think about what activity you and your father enjoy or have enjoyed together in the past. Even if that activity is just kicking back and sharing a beer or arguing about politics, youve got a good start.

Picking Fathers Day presents based on a shared activity is a great way to show your father that you think about and appreciate the moments you share with him. Its also just a wonderful way to encourage the continuation of this shared activity. So if you enjoy golfing together, consider a golf-based gift.

Does your father like to spend time alone or does he prefer company?

After you come up with general idea about what type Fathers Day presents you want to get him, youll want to hone that idea. A great way to do that is to ask yourself if your father prefers to spend time alone or if he likes to be surrounded by around others.

If he prefers to spend time alone and he enjoys beer, a great gift may be a beer-based gift basket. He can then decide if he wants to share it or enjoy it on his own. If, however, your father enjoys to spend a lot of time with friends and family, a brewery tour shared with you or the whole family might be just what the doctor ordered.

Whats the trick for outdoing your siblings?

The best way to outdo your siblings on Fathers Day is to give Fathers Day presents that are meaningful to your father. He can buy a tie for himself any day of the year, but this day is when you should show him your own appreciation.

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