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Premium Genuine cowhide leather in deep black. This Dapper & Hyde Wall Street genuine leather wallet range is our most popular. Keeping your cards, cash and coins organised, with three quick-access card slots, two infrequent-use card sections, two flat note compartments in the back, and one coin pouch with button close. All Dapper & Hyde Genuine Leather Wallets are quality guaranteed, making them the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, Father's Day or just because.

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The Wall Street premium leather wallet from Dapper & Hyde is an ideal birthday or Father s Day present, and a great addition to any gentleman s wardrobe. But whichever special occasion this gift is for, you can rest assured that its high quality construction and timeless design will make it a treasured personal item for many years to come. 

Giving a wallet as a gift typically implies that you re wishing someone good financial health, as well as heaps of good luck in the future. It s quite a thoughtful and well-meaning gesture that will be greatly appreciated. If you are so inclined, you can even enclose a few dollars along this billfold to give your special man a head start on the road to financial security.

This black leather wallet is an ideal gift if someone in your life has been using the same old wallet for the last decade that s just about to fall apart. Its classic and timeless look is also a great style update for the person who is still stuck using a Velcro wallet which is clearly a holdover piece from his teenage years. 

A new wallet helps people reorganize their most important personal effects like credit cards, business cards, ID cards and funds. Keeping organized is very important part to achieving a clear frame of mind whether you re at work, at home or on the go. And this wallet won t leave him wanting for storage space. It has 3 quick-access card slots plus 2 additional slots for less frequently used cards. Inside, it also has two compartments for paper money which should help streamline spending habits.

The Wall Street black leather wallet also features an all-important coin pouch so loose change be safely stowed away and easily dealt with whenever the need arises. We all know how much of a hassle fiddling through your pockets for coins can be, especially when you re in a hurry. And in this day and age where delicate items like smartphones with large screens and other gadgets share precious pocket space with keys, coins and such, there s always a chance that these expensive and fragile personal items can get scratched no matter how careful you are.

Made out of premium genuine cowhide leather, this is a gift that will surely stand the test of time. It also has very subtle touches of branding with only a small debossed Dapper & Hyde logo on its exterior perfect for any budding gentleman s wardrobe. 
The Wall Street is one of the most popular models in Dapper & Hyde s wallet range. Like all its other wallets, this one comes in the company s signature chevron packaging. Anyone who receives this wallet will definitely feel extra special. The intoxicating and delightful smell of genuine leather will also add to this gift s appeal as soon as it is revealed from its wrapping.

Don t let the Wall Street moniker fool you into thinking this wallet was made to be used with suit pants and tailored coats. It s a versatile piece that will work with skinny jeans, work pants, cargo shorts or whatever unique fashion sense your man may have.