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This slim elegant retro-look mens silver leather watch reflective of the 1950s, is a sensational looker. The stainless steel case and generous sunray dial make the perfect statement from the Cesare Concept by Lambretta Watches. The genuine leather strap finished in matte black makes this timepiece the perfect gift for a refined gentleman.

This stylish watch is a modern interpretation of a classic 50's gentlemen's watch and is full of elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect gift from Everything but Flowers for the man about town. Free delivery anywhere in Australia for all orders over $99.


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The Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch

Are you about to celebrate an important occasion with a significant man in your life? We know how much pressure you are feeling right now because you need to come up with presents for him to make him feel special. Oftentimes, it will be quite hard to look for the perfect presents for him. Unlike many women, men do not usually appreciate the standard fits like chocolates, jewellery, or flowers. Therefore, giving presents for him is a bigger challenge. Whether you are buying presents for your dad, your husband, boyfriend or any other significant man in your life, you will never go wrong with giving practical presents for him.
One of the best presents for him is a watch. By picking the right type of watch, you can help your man achieve a sophisticated look without needing to put in great amounts of effort. The watch can do all the work with a simple flick of your guy’s wrist every time he checks the time in his watch. If you want presents for him that are simple yet sophisticated and practical, why don’t you get him the Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch as presents for him? 

What is the Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch?

The Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch is one of the greatest choices of presents for him that you can find online. Men usually want accessories that are simple yet quite practical in terms of features and function. The Cesare Concept Silver Leather watch is part of the Cesare Concept of the prestigious watch company, the Lambretta Watches. It exudes elegance with its slim and retro appearance which is highly reminiscent of the watches that was used during the 50’s era. Its case and sunray dial which are made up of stainless steel ensure that the watch has high durability and will stay with the owner for the years to come. The authentic leather strap was finished with a matte black coating in order to have a timeless appearance. Presents for him like the Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch will surely highlight his great qualities such as the great gentleman that he is.

What is the inspiration behind the fabulous design of the Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch?

The greatest presents for him always have an interesting story behind them. The same thing is true for this spectacular watch being offered by Everything But Flowers. The design of the Cesare Concept Silver Leather watch was inspired by the famous explorer Dr. Cesare Battaglini. He is a man whose thirsts for adventure pushed him to grab his Lambretta scooter and travel across every continent in 1956. He embarked on a thrilling journey for three years, from 1956 to 1959. He visited every continent and was able to set a world record as he was able to travel a total distance of 160,000 kilometres just by using his scooter.
During his journey Dr. Battaglini was able to travel to many places. In each land he steps into, he was able to learn new things and help each other people. He was able to easily adapt to every new environment that he encounters. He savoured the beauty of his surroundings. He enjoyed each moment so much that he lost track of time! Indeed, his thirst for adventure was his fuel for him to be able to continue every step of the way. Giving this watch as presents for him is like passing on Dr. Battaglini’s love for adventure to the one who will receive it.

What separates the Lambretta Watches from the other watchmakers in the world?

The man behind the Lambretta watches, Ferdinando Innocenti, started off the business by selling scooters which became an iconic mode of transportation from the 40’s until the 70’s. Riding the scooter produced by Innocenti’s company made the person riding it feel independent, free and full of energy.
As the Lambretta brand decided to venture into watches, the owners wanted to capture the same feeling of excitement the scooters will give when someone wears a watch. The Lambretta watches separate themselves from the rest of their kind by providing a line of watches that are fun and unique. Each design will surely bring out the fun side of the owner’s personality.
A model that best represents the quality and uniqueness of the Lambretta Watches is the Cesar Concept Silver Leather Watch. If you are looking for presents for him that he will never forget, try buying a Lambretta Watch. With its simple design combined together with the retro look of the leather strap, the man who wears it will surely be able to catch the attention of any person that sees it.

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