How to Swear Around the World Book

By Jason Sacher

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Do you like to swear without anyone knowing? Insult someone’s mother terribly and get away with it? Maybe you’re off on a world tour and need to be prepared for any foul-mouthed requirements you may encounter? This is the phrasebook for you! A colourful collection of explicit and outrageous phrases to insult, belittle and tell people off in dozens of world languages. From everyday swearing, wishing people a painful death to accusing someone’s family members of having intimate relations with various mammals, this handy paperback written by Jason Sacher and brilliantly illustrated by Toby Triumph will ensure you’re never lost for words at that crucial moment.

How to Swear Around the World will make a humorous gift for the discerning international traveller, a fun stocking filler for foul-mouthed friends or just an amusing addition to the book collection of any languages fanatic. It includes helpful phonetic pronunciation guides for each phrase, so you can curse like a native in no time! If you have a friend who likes to choose unusual insults for those who dare to cross them, you might want to pair this book with the Shakespearean Insult Generator (, so they can custom design their put-downs for any situation.

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