Whale Organic Cotton Rucksack

100% Organic Cotton, Ethical & Beautiful

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Are you going on a family vacation to the beach or perhaps having a picnic at your favourite park? This cute Kids Whale Rucksack is a great little rucksack for the kid on the go!


It’s the perfect size (36 x 33 cm) for a small towel and bathing suit on hot summer days, or to hold a library book or two when autumn arrives. It comes with convenient adjustable shoulder straps, so children of all ages and sizes can enjoy this cute, beautifully made rucksack.


Not only is it superbly made in India, it’s made with 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). And if that wasn’t enough, the Kids Whale Rucksack is screenprinted with Azo-free water ink. So you know what you’re buying is earth-friendly, kid-friendly, and free of harmful chemicals.


To clean, simply wash at 30C and inside-out.


This Kids Whale Rucksack is a great gift for any child on their birthday or for Christmas. Consider pairing this rucksack with the matching Whale Design Frisbee and the Whale Beach Kit.


Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Amazing Gift Ideas for Toddlers at Everything but Flowers!

For most of us, our childhoods lay far behind us. Unfortunately, this means it can be a little difficult to pick out something suitable for a toddler. When you shop for toddler gifts for a birthday or another special occasion, you may feel a little out of touch with what’s hip and what’s not.

At Everything but Flowers, we can provide our valued customers with excellent gift suggestions for toddlers. So, if you do not know what to buy for a toddler for a special occasion, check out some of the recommendations from Everything but Flowers below.

What Should I Buy for Active Toddlers?

Some toddlers love nothing more than running around, learning how to swim, or even just taking their first steps in sports. If you are buying for an active toddler, we suggest the Whale Organic Cotton Rucksack from Everything but Flowers.

The Whale Organic Cotton Rucksack is an ethical gift, made from 100% organic cotton. It can be used to store your toddler’s swimwear and towels for a trip to the swimming pool with parents. It can also hold some toys for family visits, or your toddler’s lunch when heading to nursery school. The possibilities with this rucksack are endless.

What Should I Buy for a Toddler Who Likes Plush Toys?

There are thousands of plush toys to choose from online, so choosing one plush toy can seem like a daunting challenge. Of course, you could also choose the most popular plush at Everything but Flowers – Bella the Plush Bunny!

Bella the Plush Bunny is designed for newborns and toddlers. Therefore, it does not contain any small parts that could pose a danger to your young recipient. Bella the Plush Bunny also has a super-soft texture, which makes it even more suitable for loads of hugs!

What Should I Buy for a Toddler Who Likes Playing Outdoors?

Many parents prefer their child to spend some time outdoors instead of playing indoors. So, it is certainly a good idea to buy something that a toddler could use when playing outside! You could choose outdoor toys, but you could also choose a nice accessory that protects your toddler’s eyes against harmful sunrays; this includes Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kid’s Sunglasses.

Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kid’s Sunglasses are specifically designed for toddlers. The sunglasses come with shatterproof lenses, which provide protection against UVA and UVB light. They also meet Australian Standards AS/NZS 1067;2003. This means these sunglasses are a safe and reliable choice for young children.

What Should I Buy for a Toddler Who Loves Baths?

This may sound rare, but there are some toddlers who thoroughly enjoy their bath time. If you want to find a gift for this toddler, we suggest choosing one of the fun bath toys available at Everything but Flowers.

One of the available bath toys at Everything but Flowers is the Kid O Whale Squirter Bath Toy. It is a minimalist toy with a simple design, but one that provides loads of fun. By pushing the tail of this toy, the whale will spout some water! In short, a safe and reliable toy that little toddlers will enjoy while having their bath.

What Should I Buy for a Creative Toddler?

Some toddlers show signs of creativity early in life. If you must buy a present for a creative toddler, you face that challenge of finding a gift that is creative enough for them. Fortunately, there are many suitable choices at Everything but Flowers.

One of the creative gifts you could consider for toddlers is My 1st Camera. With this fun camera, you can encourage a child’s interest in the modern arts. The toy is also an environmentally-friendly choice, since it is made from eco-friendly beech wood.

What Educational Gift at Everything but Flowers Could I Buy for a Toddler?

There are many educational gifts for toddlers at Everything but Flowers, because many parents appreciate such gifts for their children. Of course, the educational gift you obtain from Everything but Flowers will depend heavily on what you are trying to teach the child, leading to many possible choices in the Everything but Flowers catalogue.

One of the educational gifts at Everything but Flowers is My ABC’s Toddler Flash Cards. These flash cards are a fun way to introduce children to the alphabet, but also to reading. So, if you wish to give a toddler a head start, My ABC’s Toddler Flash Cards Set is certainly a good choice.

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for Toddler Gifts at Everything but Flowers?

Customers can get more inspiration for toddler gifts in our main catalogue, where they can find anything from toys to clothing. Of course, customers can also contact Everything but Flowers for some advice on toddler gifts, because our team will be more than happy to provide you with recommendations.