Rhino Organic Cotton Rucksack

100% Organic Cotton, Ethical & Beautiful

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Are you going on a family vacation to the beach or perhaps having a picnic at your favourite park? This cute Kids Rhino Rucksack is the perfect size (36 x 33 cm) for a small towel and bathing suit on hot summer days, or to hold a library book or two when autumn arrives. It comes with convenient adjustable shoulder straps, so children of all ages and sizes can enjoy this cute, beautifully made rucksack. 

Not only is it superbly made with care in India, it’s made with 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). And if that wasn’t enough, the Kids Rhino Rucksack is screen printed with Azo-free water ink. So you know what you’re buying is earth-friendly, kid-friendly, and free of harmful chemicals.

To clean, simply wash at 30C and inside-out.

This Kids Rhino Rucksack is a great gift for any child on their birthday or for Christmas. And if the recipient has been especially good, consider pairing this rucksack with this stuffed Cuddly Hippo or, for a larger menagerie, these Friends from the Jungle.

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Find Fun & Ethical Gifts for Kids at Everything but Flowers!

At Everything but Flowers, you can only find kid’s gifts obtained from ethical companies. Below, we have listed some popular gift choices for kids; this so you can easily select a nice present for your young recipient. So, read on to find some fun & ethical presents for kids at Everything but Flowers.

What Should I Buy from Everything but Flowers for an Active or Sporty Child?

Some children are incredibly active and even sporty from a young age; this applies to girls as well as boys. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find many suitable gifts for active and sporty children; this includes the Rhino Organic Cotton Rucksack.

The Rhino Organic Cotton Rucksack is made from GOTS-certified 100% cotton; this makes the rucksack an ethical choice for most children. The rucksack can be used to store a child’s sportwear, but also other things a child may need while being active outside the home.

If you are buying a gift for an active or sporty girl specifically, we can also recommend the Mouse Skipping Rope. The Mouse Skipping Rope is made with wooden handles and features a long, durable, red cord. Since the cord is 240 centimetres long, it is suitable for more children to enjoy on the playground.

What Should I Buy from Everything but Flowers for a Creative Child?

Creativity is a wonderful skill to have, so it should certainly be nurtured by parents. If you are searching for a way to nurture creativity, one of the creative gifts from Everything but Flowers will certainly do the trick.

One of our creative gifts is the Kid Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints. One set of Kids Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints contains twelve unique acrylic paints. Each of the paints has a vivid colour, which means they could be used for some bold masterpieces.

Everything but Flowers offers some brushes to match the Kid Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints too. So, if you want to provide a present containing loads of individual, creative gifts, be sure to check out our kid’s paintbrushes too.

What Should I Buy from Everything but Flowers for Children Who Like to Read?

Even though it is quite rare, there are some children who prefer to read instead of playing a game on the computer or the tablet. Naturally, reading could certainly prove beneficial for their school life, so gifting a book to nurture that interest is not a bad idea.

Everything but Flowers offers many suitable books for children with an interest in reading. Some of these books might impart some important wisdom too; this is especially the case for “The Fabulous Friend Machine”, a book written by children’s author Nick Bland.

“The Fabulous Friend Machine” tells the story about Popcorn the chicken, one of the most sociable animals on the farm. When Popcorn finds a friend machine, she makes loads of new friends. However, she soon discovers that those friends might not be what they claim.

As you may deduct from the story in this book, “The Fabulous Friend Machine” tells a cautionary tale, teaching children about the dangers of the internet. Therefore, this book is not only a good gift for children who like to read, but also a good way to teach children about the internet before they start using social media.

What Should I Buy from Everything but Flowers for Children Who Are Starting Primary School?

When a child starts primary school, this child must be prepared and have the right school supplies. Two things the child always needs for school is a good back and a lunchbox. Fortunately, you can find those things in the children’s gifts range of Everything but Flowers.

At Everything but Flowers, you can find a good backpack and lunchbox in one easy set – the Creatures Backpack & Lunchbox Set. The set includes a quality backpack, which has a design filled with critters as well as exotic animals. The backpack also includes padded shoulder straps and padded back; this makes the backpack extremely comfortable and more than suitable to carry school supplies.

In addition to the Creatures Backpack, the set also includes the Creatures Lunchbox. This lunchbox comes with three compartments, a matching fork and spoon, and a special elastic strap to keep the contents safe. The lunchbox is also BPA-free, which is another reason to obtain this gift set for a child who will start primary school soon.

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for Children’s Gifts at Everything but Flowers?

Need more inspiration before you can choose a gift for your recipient? Please head over to the kid’s catalogue on the Everything but Flowers website. Our catalogue contains hundreds of possibilities, so we are sure you will find a suitable gift for any type of recipient and special occasion.