Zac the Zebra

Black & White Knit Zebra for Babies and Kids

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Can you think of a single little kid who will not fall in love with our adorable Zac the Zebra plush toy instantly - Nana Huchy made him all of 31 cm tall and so cute. No wonder little girls and boys eyes light up when the postman or courier arrives with such a lovely gift to celebrate their Christmas, birthday or other special day.

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Uncover the Cute Soft Toys from the Presents for Kids Range!

Are you looking for some adorable soft toys from our presents for kids range? Then be sure to read our overview below, which will tell you all about the cutest soft toys in the presents for kids range! Still, no matter which soft toy you choose from this extensive range, your toddler is bound to love it.

Zac the Zebra

One of the cutest presents for kids is our Zac the Zebra, a knitted soft toy with plenty of charm and a lot of comfort to offer. Zac is 31 centimetres tall and does not have any small parts that could be swallowed by toddlers. Therefore, Zac the Zebra is a safe companion for your little one.

Zac the Zebra is a suitable soft toy for both girls and boys. It is also a versatile gift from our presents for kids range, since this adorable little zebra can be gifted for birthdays, Christmas or another special occasion.

Bella the Bunny Plush

Bella the Bunny Plush is another great option at Everything but Flowers. This charming bunny measures 37 x 15 centimetre and is a safe childhood cuddle for both girls and boys.

One of the greatest benefits of Bella the Bunny Plush is her softness. This softness can provide toddlers with a lot of comfort and even help them develop some important skills, such as motor skills and social skills. Therefore, Bella the Bunny Plush is more than just a cuddly toy, she is also someone that could give your child a nice head start in life.

Tiger Tribe Owl

Our Tiger Tribe Owl is the best plush toy for young babies. It is made from the softest cotton and does not contain small parts that could otherwise harm your baby, which makes it a perfect option for your child’s first birthday or Christmas.

The Tiger Tribe Owl is made by the Australian Tiger Tribe company. Tiger Tribe is a toy manufacturer that focusses on taking children on an imaginative journey through their toys; this because children learn new things by playing with their toys.

Tiger Tribe was founded by Naomi and Anthony Green in 2007, who are also parents. They can draw from their experience and consider the busy lifestyle of parents and the development of children during the creation of their new toys. While their plush toys are extremely beneficial for children, we can certainly recommend some of their other toys as well.

Taj the Panda Plush

Is there anything cuter than a panda bear? We didn’t think so, which is why we added Taj the Panda Plush to our extensive range of cuddly toys. Taj is still looking for a new best friend, so why not get Taj for your little one so they can become the best of friends?

Taj the Panda Plush is safe for both newborns and toddlers. Taj is approximately 41 centimetres tall and does not have any small parts on his body. Therefore, Taj the Panda Plush can easily accompany your newborn or toddler for that afternoon nap.

Tommy the Tiger

Tommy the Tiger is also a popular choice for young girls and boys, because this little tiger has an adorable personality and feels incredibly soft. Tommy the Tiger proves that tigers are not scary, but that they can be a valuable and trusted friend.

Guess How Much I Love You Rattle

One of the favourite soft toys for many newborns is the Guess How Much I Love You Rattle, which combines a fun rattle and plush hare in one toy. Of course, inspiration for the hare was obtained from the Guess How Much I Love You books characters Little Nutbrown and Big Nutbrown Hare.

If your toddler still enjoys the Guess How Much I Love You Rattle later, parents can also find the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ storybooks in our range, which can be gifted to your toddler for education development. These books can be educational for young children, so it is a recommended choice when your toddler starts to grow up.

Lucy the Lamb Plush

The softest cuddly toy in our range is undoubtedly Lucy the Lamb Plush, so if you want to give your newborn or toddler a nice toy that can comfort them when needed, Lucy might be the best choice for you. Of course, Lucy really enjoys cuddles as well, so she will look forward to getting a permanent home with your newborn or toddler.

Rag Doll Scarlett the Fairy

Little girls tend to love Scarlett the Fairy, and we cannot say we blame them. Scarlett is the perfect companion for little girls and will be more than happy to accompany your toddler during her new adventures.

Scarlett the Fairy is handcrafted from high-quality fabrics, is 38 centimetres tall and 11 centimetres long. Of course, this funky doll feels best with toddlers age one and older.

Barbra the Sheep Plush

While Lucy the Lamb is extremely soft, Barbra the Sheep Plush is extremely soft as well. Barbra loves to travel, so she can be the perfect companion during long drives, or for those exhausting days where your toddler is out and about. Since Barbra the Sheep Plush is so soft, she is also suitable for nap times.

Jack the Giraffe Plush

If your toddler loves animals, Jack the Giraffe may be a good companion. With his long neck, Jack is 60 centimetres tall and one of the tallest friends your toddler may get. However, being tall does not stop jack from having loads of fun and accompanying your child on some amazing adventures.

More Cuddles at Everything but Flowers

Whether you are looking for soft toys, or a nice cuddly bear for your newborn or toddler, our extensive range of toys always has a suitable toy for your little one. Each of the toys also comes with a detailed description, so you can make sure that the toy is suitable for your child before you decide to purchase it as a gift. Check out all our toys today and choose the perfect companion for your little one!