Tommy the Tiger

Black & White Knit Tiger for Babies and Kids

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Cuddly soft toy Tommy Tiger comes with black and white stripes on his arms, legs and head, and makes such an adorable personality any small child will be delighted to receive him as a gift. At a generous 37cm tall mummy will easily find him in the garden when it is time to come inside too!

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Give Your Toddler or Newborn Some Comfort with Tommy the Tiger

There are many plush toys inside our range of presents for kids. Of course, if you need a plush toy for a newborn or toddler, parents need to be sure that the toy is completely safe and does not contain any bits that could be swallowed. Fortunately, parents can find Tommy the Tiger in our range of presents for kids, a knitted plush toy without smaller parts that could become a danger. Let us take a closer look at Tommy the Tiger and the benefits of giving a plush toy to your child could provide you as a parent.

How Big Is This Cuddly Toy?

Tommy the Tiger from our presents for kids range measures 37 centimetres, so is large enough for most toddlers and newborns. The entire toy has been knitted, so there are no mass-produced materials or harmful chemicals used in the production of this toy. The fact that this toy has been knitted also makes this toy extra soft, which gives any newborn or toddler extra comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Soft Toys for Children?

As you may know already, most children learn a lot through playing. Therefore, the toys you choose for your child will directly have a positive impact on the development of your child. However, the benefits of soft toys for toddlers and newborns are not always clear to everyone, so let us have a closer look at what benefits such toys from our presents for kids range could offer your child.

Children Are More Likely to Interact with Soft Toys

One of the biggest benefits of choosing one of the soft toys from our presents for kids range is the fact that soft toys are more appealing to children; this means that they are more likely to interact with the toy. Because of this interaction, toddlers and newborns can get some comfort and security from their cuddly toy and this could prove especially useful in situations where your toddler feels uncomfortable.


Giving your child a cuddly toy also enables you to allow your child to explore the world in a safe manner. Your toddler can tug it, chew on it and even throw it around, without any harm coming to the child. Softer toys cannot break either, so your toddler or newborn will get a lot of enjoyment from it.

Of course, throwing and tugging on the cuddly toy also teaches the toddler about the ways they can use their own body. It develops their motor skills and could potentially give them a head start in sports.

Emotional Development

Cuddly toys are important for the emotional development of your child, since children can learn affection from bonding with their favourite soft toy. While some parents may perceive their child’s attachment to a specific toy to be rather uncomfortable, it is an important part of their social development.

Children also learn how to express their feelings with a cuddly toy. They can express sadness, insecurity and even happiness to this cuddly toy, which becomes a friend and a confidant rather than just a toy. Thus, a cuddly toy can help children to cope with how they are feeling; this specifically applies to younger children such as toddlers.

Social Skills

Soft toys can help your child to develop social skills as well. Even though children usually acquire these social skills from their parents or siblings, interacting with a cuddly toy could also help them develop their ability to interact socially.

Cuddly toys are usually a way for children to test new routines, or to cope with family discipline. A cuddly toy can also help the toddler to face a specific fear.


Most parents do not realise that cuddly toys can help toddlers to develop their vocabulary as well. Of course, to develop the ability to speak, toddlers also need their parents, since children will always copy their parents and learn their ability to speak from them. However, having a cuddly toy enables your toddler to practice his vocabulary, since toddlers tend to speak to their toys. Therefore, your child will use a teddy bear or other cuddly toy to practice new sentences, phrases and even facial expressions while speaking.

Are There Other Toys with Educational Benefits?

Many toys will have some educational benefits, so it can be a good idea to consider other options as well when you are shopping for some toys. In addition to cuddly toys, experts also recommend Lego bricks, dolls and plastic letter toys.

Parents should consider their educational toys carefully though, because many companies may advertise their toys as educational, while they may not provide the benefits they are advertised with. Therefore, do not go for the most expensive educational toys immediately, but always do some research beforehand.

What Is an Educational Toy?

An educational toy will improve certain parts of the development of children; this may include their intellectual, social, emotional and their physical development. Some of these toys have been especially designed to provide educational benefits, while other toys have educational benefits without being specifically designed for that purpose.

When selecting educational toys, be sure to consider the age range of the child in question. Some toys may be educational for younger children, while others will be more beneficial for older children. Also, do not exclusively grab electronic toys, such as a child’s computer, because your child needs non-electronic toys as well to develop properly on all levels. Therefore, make sure your child spends some time with all the toys he’s given.


Getting a simple cuddly toy can provide your child with some clear educational benefits, so investing in the future of your child does not have to cost you a lot. Of course, there are many other educational toys in our range that could benefit your child, so be sure to have a look at our entire range of presents for kids to find the best option for your newborn or toddler.

Having problems finding the right gift for a toddler or newborn? Feel free to contact our team of experts for some advice on our range of kids’ toys.