Herbert the Hippo

Happy Hugo Hippo for Babies and Kids

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Buying for toddlers is always tricky since they are fussy and excitable. Herbert the Hippo will prove the solution to your dilemma because hes just longing for a huge hug. A perfect gift for all toddlers. Soft and cuddly Herbert is transportable anywhere, in the pram, car or even to the local park.

Another great gift for toddlers from Everything but Flowers. Herbert Hippo is large, plush and surely a soon-to-be-favourite companion. Dont forget to request our premium gift wrapping service and we have more than 1,000 gifts to choose from. Everything But Flowers offers free shipping Australia-wide for all orders over $99.


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Herbert the Hippo

We know how kids love plush toys. Introduce them to the friendly, Herbert the Hippo! It’s always best to bring plush toys home for the kids to play with. He’s the best hugger, and he’ll make an excellent playmate. Great as presents for kids, Herbert the hippo is available at Everything but Flowers.

Plush toys are usually a kids’ first toy and they’re safe for the kids to play with. Soft, cuddly and huggable, kids are going to love Herbert the hippo! With a friendly smile and wearing his comfortable blue, white, green and grey stripe shirt, Herbert sure looks like he needs a new friend to play with. Get Herbert the hippo as presents for kids this holiday season. Nothing cheers them up better than a fun and cuddly plush toy like Herbert the hippo!

The friendly and cuddly hippo that everyone loves!

Herbert the hippo would be the perfect present for kids. Kids all love plush toys, and it’s always better to get them a plush toy as they can always bring it with them wherever they go. When kids feel lonely, scared, insecure or when they need a friend to play with, you know Herbert the hippo is there. The friendly and cuddly hippo will be able to provide the kids the warmth and comfort they need. 

Don’t you have to worry if it’ll be hard to find when the kids leave it in the garden or in the playroom, Herbert the hippo is 39cm tall, easy to bring around. Surprise the kids with their new friend today! They’ll be so excited to meet their new cuddly friend, Herbert the hippo. 

Herbert the hippo is ready to play

Kids at all ages enjoy playing with plush toys and sometimes, they might even get attached to their plush toys. Besides, what’s a better present than getting them a toy that would last a long time? In terms of durability and safety, parents all love getting plush toys as presents for kids. Herbert the hippo would be just the perfect friend for kids to play with or to cuddle to sleep with. 

Kids will always have a soft side for their favourite teddies and plush toys. Get them Herbert the hippo so they can have a new friend to play with this holiday season! As excellent presents for kids, Herbert the hippo will make a good friend for the kids. Kids can bring it anywhere as a company. 

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