Peppa Pig Sorting Box

For Children Aged 18+ Months

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Wooden blocks are always the best type of toy to begin a lifetime of play, for their durability and quality! This Peppa Pig Sorting Box with wooden shapes is perfect for a toddler or young child to learn how to match shapes and colours and practising fine motor skills.


With the characters of Peppa Pig, your child will love playing with their wooden Sorting Box. And because of its durability they should be able to enjoy for years to come!


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Peppa Pig Sorting Box

When getting presents for kids, parents nowadays don’t just think of enjoyment; learning should always be incorporated in playtime. This is why, many presents for kids are multi-functional. They provide fun and enjoyment while letting kids develop their cognitive and creative skills. One of the best presents for kids that you can give is a sorting box toy, such as this well-loved Peppa Pig Sorting Box Toy from Everything But Flowers.

About Peppa Big Sorting Box

Peppa Pig is a cherished cartoon character from the hit animated series, Peppa Pig and Friends. Together with her family and friends, they feature everyday activities like going swimming, going to a playgroup, riding bikes, visiting grandparents, etc. Peppa is not only relatable, she is also cute and adorable, so kids will definitely love her.

Let your children discover the joys of playing with a Peppa Pig toy plus the excitement of learning new things with the Peppa Pig Sorting Box. The set comes with a wooden box and wooden blocks in the shape of a circle, square, triangle and rectangle; blocks also come in different lively colours and are printed with Peppa Pig’s economic face.

The Peppa Pig Sorting Box puzzle is perfect for children aged 18+ months and for children who would like to learn more about shapes, colours, and their fine motor skills. To store the game, simply slide the top of the box off and keep the shapes inside. The best part is that, it is made from wood, so you know that your present will be durable. The Peppa Sorting Box Toy is a classic educational toy for your toddlers.

Sorting Box Toys as Presents for Kids

Sorting box toys are highly-recommended presents for kids because they stimulate learning while encouraging fun time. With a sorting box toy, your child will surely develop his/her hand eye coordination skills. You can also try different ways to play and learn with a shape sorter.

You can try asking your child to build a tower out of the shapes, or let him/her identify colours with the shapes, or encourage him to count the shapes until he/she becomes familiar with numbers. Nothing will beat watching your toddler’s face light up as he/she successfully matches the right shape to the right hole.

A shape sorting box toy is a classic educational toy that kids will always love. For most toddlers between the ages of 15-18 months, they should start developing their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination; a shape-sorter will help them learn that.

Peppa Pig and other Presents for Kids at Everything But Flowers

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