Pull Along Wooden Jack the Dog

Jack Will be Their New Best Friend.

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Look at him go, he’s sure to be their new best friend and he’ll follow faithfully behind no matter where they drag him. Jack the pull along wooden dog is a toddler’s delight.

Check out his wobbly head and his wagging tail, which delightfully bop along on springs as Jack rolls along behind. Featuring a white body with red spots and red wheels with black rubber grip, Jack measures 18cm x 9.5cm x 14cm.

Recommended for ages 18 months and older, this is a great Christmas gift for older babies and toddlers, as well as preschool age children. No nasty plastics here either, wooden toys are a much gentler and natural way for children to play which is why wooden toys continue to grow in popularity year in year out.

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Pull Along Wooden Jack the Dog

The Christmas holidays are probably witness to some of the most memorable events in a kid’s life. With their school out giving them a few days free from any school work, indeed, Christmas is the season for kids. If you have got kids in the family, do not stress yourself out from Christmas shopping just because you want to give the kids the best Christmas presents. Let Everything But Flowers do the job for you. With just a click away, you are one step closer into finding the perfect Christmas presents for kids.

You can smell it in the air. You can hear all those familiar songs beginning to play in the radio waves again. People are already starting to complete their list of Christmas presents for the special people in their lives. The Yuletide season has indeed arrived. Being one of the most celebrated occasions, Christmas is the season which many look forward to. During this season, families and friends gather to spend precious moments together. With most companies on a break because of the holidays, it is really the season to be jolly as many of our loved ones, even those coming from far towns and cities, would come visit us in our homes.

Dogs for Toddlers

Dogs are man’s best friend. In some cases, dogs are treated as more than pets. Some consider them as a family member. Introduce your kids to the man’s best friend without the need of actually taking care of it. Check out the Pull Along Wooden Jack the Dog. Let your kid play stroll with this fun toy for older babies. Recommended for toddlers, Pull Along Wooden Jack the Dog is one of the fun Christmas presents for kids only here at Everything But Flowers. If you have older babies and preschool kids in your family, give them this for Christmas and they will surely enjoy their new found best friend.

Your kid and Pull Along Wooden Jack the Dog will surely become the best of friends when your kid starts strolling and pulling Jack around with him. To add more fun, you should see Jack’s wobbly head and its wagging tail as they bop along on springs as it gets pulled around. With a measurement of 18cm x 9.5cm x 14cm and light in weight, this pull along wooden dog is really an ideal toy for toddlers and young kids.

Toxic-free Christmas Presents for Kids

Did you know that in choosing presents for kids, it is better to choose one that is made of wood? Have you got any idea why? It is because wooden toys are much gentler and are made with a natural material – wood. This is probably the reason why wooden toys continue on being well sold all over the world year in and year out. This is one of the reasons why you should not think twice with including Pull Along Wooden Jack the Dog in your list of Christmas Presents for Kids.

As parents, of course we always want to make sure that everything around our kids would never do them any harm. With Pull Along Wooden Jack the Dog, you are going to be certain that your kids are safe from any harmful chemicals and toxic materials. Kids are surely going to be delighted to pull Jack which features a white body with red spots and red wheels with black rubber grip. With materials free from harmful chemicals, both kids and parents are going to enjoy wonderful Christmas presents for kids like this toy. It will surely be a delightful sight to see your kid pretend to stroll in the park with his little wooden playmate.

Delightful Christmas Presents here at Everything But Flowers

Pull Along Wooden Jack the Dog will definitely be enjoyed by the toddlers in the family. This is going to be perfect especially if you are planning to get a real dog in the future. This way, the little one will already be familiar with this animal when your pet arrives.
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