Kimmidoll Haruyo Maxi Doll 4'' Figurine

Contemporary collectable doll - Peace

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Share this Kimmidoll Haruyo Peace to motivate others to uphold peace and to pursue passion with determination. Colourful patterns on the head and body give this doll a sweet look that inspires one to aspire for a decent life with courage and dignity.

Reflecting the essence of a pleasantly powerful spirit, Haruyo inspires young girls to live life with meaning and substance to become inspiration to others as well. Give this Kimmidoll to friends and loved ones to awaken potentials and discover capabilities.

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Surround young children with beauty and colour

Think of the movies. Films that are scary or violent have dark, gloomy colours and lighting. The reason is we are affected by what we see around us, even when we know it's just a film. Happy films usually have bright colours and cheerful surroundings with sunny weather.

Kids films particularly have lots of colourful clothes and attractive locations. That's because kids are naturally drawn to beauty and colour. Maybe it's because children have so much inner joy, and perhaps it's also because beauty and colour are inspiring for kids.

Keep children's lives bright with your kids gifts

Children naturally love colour. Look at nurseries. Do you ever see any painted black and seaweed green? They're bursting with reds, blues, yellows and greens because children love these colourful feasts for the eyes.

Check out our kids gifts and you'll see plenty of bright and fun presents. Our popular Kimmidolls are exquisite kids gifts for girls. They're ornamental to sit on the shelf of a girl's room. These small Japanese dolls are beautifully painted, and they're designed to inspire virtues such as peace, passion and determination.

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A child's immediate surroundings, such as their bedroom, make a huge impact. Buying kids gifts for their room that are cheerful and useful help them when it's homework time. We have gorgeous stationery items in our kids section, as well as colourful picture frames that are are lots of fun to add decoration to their room.

Not many children like homework times haven't changed that much! Teachers nowadays do encourage more creativity with homework, but it's still something kids have to do; and having to do something, which then gets judged, is rarely fun. So it's a good idea to buy kids gifts that they can use for homework which will make it more fun.

Encourage them to be artistic

We have lots of colouring-in books, pencils, crayons we even have body paints that make brilliant kids gifts. These colouring pens are non-toxic (of course!) and the kids can paint their faces as animals, or like the Kimmidoll! Or they can make-believe they're one of their favourite fictional characters. Anything their limitless imaginations conjure up. Artistic and creative kids gifts are always wonderful and will definitely be enjoyed.