Hair Wraps Kit

Create colourful hair wraps and braids!

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Hair wraps are easy and fun. This kit contains a full-colour how-to book plus 12 colours of yarn and accessories to complete endless combinations of styles.

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Hair Wraps Kit

Are you looking for presents for kids that are hip and trendy? If you are looking for presents for kids that are stylish and fun at the same time, Everything But flowers has a wide range of items that you can either buy for yourself or add to your list of presents for kids.

For your child’s or niece’s next birthday, you give her this hair wraps kit and let her and her friends have fun being creative and stylish. Order this set of hair wraps and let the little ones have fun and get more creative in their new hair styles.

Create Fun and Colourful Hair Wraps
Hair wraps are the latest trend in hair styling. A hair wrap is a colourful and fun way to add creativity to you’re the look and style of your hair. These creative yarns can be combined to wrap around braided strands of your hair or hair extension to have colourful and hip hair styles. Since they are just temporary, it will give a colourful design with their hair without damaging it or making the colour permanent.

There are several ways of using and combining the yarns to create a hair wrap. You can put on a simple hair wrap around strands of your hair and alternate your favourite colours. You can also try a forward knot hair wrap or a Chinese staircase hair wrap to give it more style. Feel free to choose whatever colour of yarn you would want to pair with your day or nightwear. Moreover, young girls can use this as their afternoon or weekend activity. Kids can do it while on a slumber party or make it a part of the activities for their next birthday party.

Do it Yourself Hair Style Kit

Creating hand wraps is not as complicated as many people think. They are fun and easy to make, and there are how-to steps that you can easily follow to create endless colourful and creative designs. While they may look a bit complex at first, wrapping hair is simple that almost anyone can actually do it.

You can create a lot of different colourful styles of hair wraps and braids with this set of hair wraps. The wrap set includes 12 different colours of yarn that you can combine to create endless hip and stylish accessories. The set also comes with a full-colour how-to book to get you started in making your own hair wraps. The set of accessories are ideal presents for kids who are 8 years old and above. With these, you can let them be artistic and have fun accessorising.

Why Buy Styling Kit as Presents for Kids

Children enjoy doing creative and fun stuff, and so when buying presents for kids, you should buy something that where they will be able to use their imagination and creativity. You should encourage their creativity and excitement. Bring to the next level the kids’ imagination through colourful hip and stylish hair wraps.

Order sets of hair wrap kits and start creating your own wraps with your little girl. Put some colour in their hair without getting it permanently damage. Try different colours and different styles, and surely, the kids will have fun and enjoy the quality time you spend together!