Friendship Bracelet Making Kit with Neon Colours

Create the best friendship bracelet in neon colours!

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A full colour 'how to' book with easy to follow patterns for 5 different bracelet designs. 72 metres of threads in 9 vibrant colours, plus safety pins to keep the bracelets in shape whilst working. All packaged in a colourful tin.

Giving creative gifts to kids is a wonderful way to encourage them to think outside the square and do what makes them happy. Here at Everything But Flowers; we think those traits are pretty awesome. We try to find Australia's best range of gifts ready to deliver from our Sydney warehouse.

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Giving kids gifts that encourage bonding

It's said that love makes the world go round. This may not be the official scientific explanation, but let's stick with poetic truth for now! Relationships also make our world go round. Sometimes, when they go wrong, the world can come to a halt! As maturing human beings, we grow most from our relationships. Learning how to relate to others early in our lives is vital for later life.

Get kids gifts that encourage them to relate to others

You'll help children grow by getting them cooperative or creative kids gifts. These can be sporting kids gifts, or board and card games. Cooperative kids gifts help them learn to compromise a very useful skill to practise for adulthood! They can also develop negotiating, innovative and leadership skills.

Children love playing with other children their own age. Give kids gifts where they can indulge in healthy competition and cooperation, like team game kids gifts. There might be a tantrum or two, but it's all part of the growing up process. It's not like we don't throw tantrums as adults! You can also get them outdoor lighthearted kids gifts, like a beach ball for summer fun, so they can laugh and exercise they don't realise how much playing is good for them!

Kids love being creative

Young children play all day outside, making up games, running around. They're hugely creative. If they're encouraged to be artistic, this can be a wonderful way to express their emotions and artistic talent. We have fluorescent pencils and a Neon colouring book that make a perfect match as kids gifts.

They can have more fluorescence with our Friendship Bracelet Making Kit With Neon Colours, where they can create their own style of bracelets to give to their best friends. Kids gifts that encourage bonding also foster trust, which is also vital for kids to become healthy adults.

Give toddlers kids gifts where they can bond with parents

Storybooks and colouring books make excellent kids gifts for young children. Bedtime reading, where a parent tells a story and the child asks questions, helps them bond and form a lovely relationship. Activities that parents and children can do together, like colouring-in books and kids cookery books we have a couple of those in our kids section are also important kids gifts.