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A great gift for any adventurer, jet setter or map lover

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Original Scratch Map is no ordinary poster. The Scratch Map is a beautiful and popular map of the world that allows you to log your travels by scratching off the top foil of the place you ve visited, revealing a colourful map underneath and giving you a brilliantly factual, interactive and 100% personalised map of the world as a keepsake and reminder of your travels. Gloss finish paper with a gold foil print that scratches off like a scratch card and create the ultimate personal record of your travels by scratching off your visits one by one.

It's the perfect gift for the jet-setter in your life, or maybe the dreamer that always has the next trip in mind.


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The history of mapping the world

Maps have always been important, which probably isn't surprising to hear if you've ever got lost (and who hasn't?). At least we have smartphones with maps or a GPS system in our car if we're lost. Imagine if you got lost in the jungle a thousand years ago, or the Outback or anywhere!

The earliest maps were of the stars

In a cave at Lascaux in France dots representing stars have been dates at around 16,500 years old! It's likely the stars were used for navigation certainly by ships. Many star maps have been found across the world using all sorts of materials. In certain parts of the world, people probably still use the stars for navigation they're certainly reliable, provided it's not cloudy! What happens then?

Earth mapmaking has been traced back thousands of years

Maps have been found painted in caves, on parchment, on clay, silk, and other materials showing local areas in Ancient Babylonia, China, Egypt and other Ancient civilisations. Trade routes and local maps were the most common to guide people safely.

Kids love maps

Anything to do with maps make great kids gifts. They fire up their imagination seeing the shapes of countries, all the world's islands and the icy poles. Map-themed kids gifts never go out of fashion. They look great on the wall with all the different coloured countries. Kids love explorers and their adventures too, and maps are closely related with explorers.

Our Scratch Map is a great kids gift for the budding traveller. All the countries are coloured gold, so they can play a game, guessing countries and scratching the region to see if they're right. This wonderful kids gift can also be a keepsake for when they go off travelling. They can scratch off the countries they've visited and have it to refer to throughout their lifetime if they have the patience not to scratch the map as soon as they get it!

Getting them a children's book about explorers will go well with this kids gift. The world is fascinating to kids, and we Australians are renowned for our adventurous travels! The scratch map is not only a great kids gift, but also would be fun for adults who can keep track of all their travels. We've also got another great kids gift with our World Globe, which they'll love in their bedroom.