Gingerlilly Pierre Boys Sleepwear

Gingerlilly Cotton Elastane Tee & Cotton Short


Your little prince runs, plays, goes to school, and spends his day adventuring and expending energy. Which is why a good nights rest is important for your growing prince. Pierre Sleepwear is comfortable and great for helping your son or nephew sleep comfortably. Gingerlillys Pierre Sleepwear comes with a dark blue, elastane, short-sleeved t-shirt, with a red and white stamp on the front depicting an aeroplane. It also comes with a pair of 100% cotton shorts which are white and light-blue striped, with an aeroplane stamp. This aeroplane design is symbolic of adventure and a bright future, perfect for your little prince. The sleepwear comes in 3 sizes: 2-3 years, 4-5 years, and 6-7 years. These make great pyjamas for warm summer nights. The set comes with a soft, drawstring bag. Gingerlillys Pierre Sleepwear makes a thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift for your son or nephew. But thats not all: help your little prince fall asleep with a good book, like Polar Bears Underwear, and a cuddly friend, like Cuddly Hippo. 

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Gingerlilly Pierre Sleepwear 2-3yrs Gingerlilly Pierre Sleepwear 2-3yrs
Cotton Elastane Tee & Cotton Short
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Gingerlilly Pierre Sleepwear 4-5yrs Gingerlilly Pierre Sleepwear 4-5yrs
Cotton Elastane Tee & Cotton Short
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Gingerlilly Pierre Sleepwear 6-7yrs Gingerlilly Pierre Sleepwear 6-7yrs
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Do you know why sleep is crucial for a child's development?

In the first two years, you may not be surprised to hear that children spend more time asleep than awake. Some parents might be surprised to hear that, because it may have seemed like their babies never slept! We have natural sleep patterns which are regulated by light and dark. With babies, these take a few months to settle into a regular pattern, which is why they sleep and wake up at all hours at the beginning.

Kids really do need a lot of sleep!

Right up to teenage years, and even beyond, the hours children need to sleep start to decrease, but even in early teenage years a kid might need up to 11 hours' sleep. Scientists aren't exactly sure what the brain does during sleep. They think it solves problems (have you ever woken up knowing the answer to a question you had the day before?), and processes the activities of the previous day.

Scientists have worked out to the best of their knowledge that the human brain processes about 400 billion bits of information a second! No wonder it needs a rest. People who have sleep deprivation at any age can start to go crazy from information overload. There's not an animal on Earth that's not known to need shut-eye. Even our beloved sharks that need to keep swimming to stay alive have a kind of resting sleep/awake cycle.

What kids gifts can you buy for comfy sleep time?

Children do so much during the day, they're usually exhausted by bedtime. They may resist going to bed, but once their head hits that pillow off they go to dreamland. If you need kids gifts for a birthday or Christmas present, then we have some gorgeous sleepwear for girls and boys.

Bedtime kids gifts for young boys

The Gingerlilly Pierre Boys Sleepwear has a navy t-shirt with an aeroplane on the front, and 100% cotton shorts. This is a great kids gift for warm summer nights. It also has a drawstring bag for sleepovers, or for keeping nighttime clothes tidy in his drawer.

Gorgeous bedtime clothes for young girls

The Therese Girls Sleepwear, also by Gingerlilly, is a colourful delight little girls will love this kids gift. It has a pretty butterfly on the t-shirt and multicoloured pyjama bottoms. This kids gift also has a drawstring bag, so it's brilliant as a carrier for sleepovers.