Pedal Free Scooter Bike

By Masterkidz

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A great gift all year round for kids 3 years and up comes the Pedal-free Scooter Bike from Masterkidz. The sturdy and soft padded scooters are made from quality plywood and MDF and measure at 78 cm in length x 26.5 cm in width and 49 cm in height.

These ride ons are perfect to begin a childs development with balance and learning hand eye co ordination. With its vibrant pink colour it will sure turn heads this Christmas.
*Adult assembly is required

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Pedal Free Scooter Bike

The first five years in the life of a child is quite important for their development. What they experience during these years will mould into the adults that they are expected to become. It is during this time that the child’s brain is quicker than in any other period of his life. The things that children see, hear, smell, touch, and taste excite their brain which builds a lot of connections. This enables the cornerstone for learning, wellness, and behaviour for life to be established. As parents or guardians, we must make sure that the right presents for kids are in place to facilitate their learning and development. Why not give presents for kids like the Pedal Free Scooter Bike, a great item available here in Everything But Flowers?

What is the Pedal Free Scooter Bike?

The Pedal Free Scooter Bike is a great toy developed by Masterkidz. This manufacturer is known for producing premium wooden toys that are fun and educational for children. They believe that toys are greatly needed in order to keep the creative juices and imagination of children continuously running.

The Pedal Free Scooter Bike is one of those presents for kids that has been created as a result of this belief. This can be used by children that are aged 3 years old and up. This highly durable scooter was constructed from high quality plywood and medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Its dimensions are 78 cm in length, 26.5 cm in width, and 49 cm in height. This toy was created for the purpose of improving two important skills of a child: hand to eye coordination and balance. Its lively pink colour will surely grab the attention of your child’s friends during playtime. 

What Skills should a Child be able to Learn during his Growing Years?

When a child is born, strength is developed in the following order: starting from the top of his body going downwards, from the inside going outwards (trunk to arms and legs, then hands and feet, until it reaches the fingers and toes), from the big muscles used in rigorous activities to the small ones used in less stressful tasks such as cutting or drawing. It is important to do activities that will strengthen the big and small muscles of the child while they are still young. Developing muscle skill and sustaining a healthy body is essential for learning other skills such as balance. Having proper balance will help the child acquire the fundamental motor skills which are needed for him or her to engage in physical activities and help in all aspects of the learning process.

Why should you Give the Pedal Free Scooter Bike as Presents for Kids?

The Pedal Free Scooter Bike is more practical and less dangerous as compared to training wheels or tricycles. With this type of bike, the child can focus more on practicing balance instead of pedalling. This will prepare them for an unforeseen loss in balance, which reduces chances of falling. Once they are able to master balancing themselves, they can already start learning to use a standard bike instead of training wheels. This will prevent occurrence of falls and injured knees caused by trying to learn to ride a bike.

Many adults are sceptical over buying the Pedal Free Scooter Bike because they feel that it is not practical. Actually, it is the complete opposite, and presents for kids like this bike is economical. A bike like this eliminates the need for a bike with training wheels and a tricycle. Master 12” bikes are quickly outgrown by many children. The Pedal Free Scooter Bike will also make things easier for you to encourage your children to go outside and have fun.

Children enjoy the feeling of independence and achievement that they get from riding the Pedal Scooter Bike. Whether it is the excitement of meeting other children in the park or being stopped by people on the sidewalk, they will feel that riding bikes seems cool and will be eager to learn. The Pedal Free Scooter Bike is so simple having no batteries and tiny pieces. Learning to use it is not complicated, it is just packed with a lot of fun.

Is the Pedal Free Scooter Bike Safe for My Child?

Enjoyable, ingenious, original, educational, and exhilarating. These are just some of the qualities teachers and parents look for in the presents for kids that they give. In addition to these qualities, another important concern is safety. Masterkidz has always made it a priority to ensure that the toys they manufacture are safe for the children who will use it. The presents for kids like the Pedal free scooter bike were designed and manufactured to comply with the most stringent international safety standards for toys. The materials to be used in producing the toys are all tested in laboratories to ensure that they are not toxic before sending the toys to the factory for production.

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A common misconception among people that choose presents for kids is that they only need to pick items that look pleasing to the sight of the kid. Little do they know that toys aren’t just supposed to look cute; they are also important tools that will help a child develop the skills they need in order for them to achieve their maximum potential.

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