Don't Look Now! Book Set

Written by Paul Jennings Illustrated by Cartoonist Andre

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Paul Jennings is a world renown author who has written countless children’s book for the last 15 years. With a huge following of young kids and teenagers he has teamed up with cartoonist Andrew Weldon to create a series of stories surrounding Ricky!

Ricky is an ordinary boy, well not really because Ricky can fly! He really can! But only sometimes, when no one is looking that is. If a person, or an animal or a bird sees him flying he will fall out of the sky and almost certainly die. Will he risk it all for his chance of fame?

Don’t Look Now box set contains 4 books each with two stories inside about Ricky and his flying dilemma. This is the perfect book for children between the ages of 7-11 to ignite their love of reading! This book and many other book collections are available from Everything But Flowers. A premium online gift service that has over 1,000 gifts for everyone in the family. Go online today and spend over $99.00 to receive free delivery around Australia.

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Don’t Look Now! Book Set

Studies done on children indicate what common sense will already tell us: as the child increases the number of times he reads, the faster he improves his skill, and the more he discovers about the world around him. Unfortunately, the opposite of this idea is also true: kids who do not read quite often will usually have substandard reading skills. Reading will become a struggle for them and they will try to avoid doing it as much as they can.
To be able to help your child in improving his skills, you need to find out the reasons why they find it hard to read. This will help you determine the best way to motivate them. Why not give presents for kids like the Don’t Look Now! Book Set for them to rediscover the joy of holding a book and exploring its contents? It is now available at Everything But Flowers!

What is the Don’t Look Now! Book Set?

The Don’t Look Now! Book Set chronicles the adventures of Ricky, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary ability to fly. Unfortunately there are times that he couldn’t do it because he gets a bit conscious when he knows that a person or animal can see him flying. Once this happens, Ricky will fall out of the sky and will definitely die. This book set consists of 4 books of two stories that revolve around Ricky’s main dilemma: Is he willing to risk his life for the sake of gaining fame?
The Don’t Look Now! Box Set was written by Paul Jennings, a world famous author who has published thousands of children’s books in a span of 15 years. He is responsible for other children’s books such as the Cabbage Patch Series, Grandad’s Gifts, and The Fisherman and the Theefyspray. Because of his sheer talent, he was able to gain millions of followers from young children and teenagers which led him to form a collaboration with the equally talented cartoonist Andre Weldon. This partnership led to the birth of the incredible adventures of Ricky. This book is suitable for children aged between 7 and 11 years old. Give them this box set as presents for kids to reignite their love for reading.

What are the Reasons Why Children Do Not Like to Read?

There are different reasons why a child may find it loathsome to read. The primary reason a child will tell you is because it is boring, especially if you give him books related to the subjects he already studies at school. Some will say that they don’t have the time to read. With all the activities that they are involved in such as sports, watching television, attending their classes at school, and helping with the house chores, a child will prefer to just sleep at the end of the day than to grab a book and read.
Some kids will also say that reading is not an enjoyable activity. This may even create stress for some, especially those who are new to reading. Learning to love reading will prove to be a slow and difficult process especially if the child does not see its importance in his growing up years.

How Can the Don’t Look Now! Book Set Help Children Love Reading More?

With all the reasons given by children as to why they do not exert much effort to read, it is important that we find ways on how to solve it. If proper action is not taken, chances are high that the child will have a hard time coping up with bigger challenges or tasks that he will encounter in the future.
One of the things that we can do is to give presents for kids that will somehow make them realise that reading can be fun. The Don’t Look Now Book Set is one of the presents for kids that perfectly responds to this need. The four books are jam-packed with black and white illustrations which increase the quality of humour that is injected into the stores.
Those who are looking for a good laugh and enjoyed reading Captain Underpants or Diary of a Wimpy Kid will surely be delighted in reading this Book Set. Once they get a hold of presents for kids like the Don’t Look Now? Book Set, they will realise that reading can be fun and enjoyable. Instead of giving an excuse that they don’t have the time to read, they will make the initiative to set aside a few minutes or hours to read a few pages of the wonderful adventures of Ricky. As they read more of the pages, their vocabulary and love for reading will definitely improve.

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