Magnetic Dress Up Fairies Play Travel Pack

A Tin Full of Childhood Joy & Fun

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A perfect present for girls who love fairies; with this delightful magnetic tin filled with goodies such as magnetic backgrounds, fairies and all the accessories they need will have her smiling for hours. Beautifully illustrated by Katie Wood, even adults will be in love with this gorgeous set.

A great gift idea for travel with kids, because all the pieces pack neatly inside and store neatly inside the tin they even attach to the tin magnetically for play, so nothing gets lost.

Perfect for children aged 6 and over, measuring 16cm x 22cm x 2.5cm tucked away inside shell find magnetic scenes including fairy garden, crescent moon and cityscape.

This gift gets even sweeter; being printed with non-toxic inks, this multiple award winning toy is CE and ASTM tested for safety and your peace of mind.

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Presents for Girls Having a Princess Themed Party

At some point, most little girls have dreamed of being a princess. And what a dream it is! Just imagine the dresses, the castle, and your very own Prince Charming. So for your daughters birthday, make her dream come true by throwing an unbelievable princess party! Weve got some great suggestions to help you start planning and shopping for perfect royal presents for girls; such as the Magnetic Dress Up Fairies which will keep them entertained for hours with themed backgrounds and a range of magnets to keep them occupied changing scenes and creating stories.

Princess Themed Food for Birthday Parties

You may not be able to give your daughter her own life-sized castle, but you can in fact give her a castle of her own. A castle cake is an easy and cute way to add ambiance to your daughters princess party. You can use any shaped of cake pan that you like. Then use ice cream cones for spires, pink icing, and different types of candy to decorate the castle. For an extra cute addition, add a green frog gummy somewhere on the cake.

Create wands and scepters using fruit shaped like hearts and stars, placed on a wooden skewers with grapes and other fruits. For a fairytale twist, make sure to have candy or caramel apples too! For the main meal, prepare sandwiches, then use a cookie cutter to make stars, hearts, and crowns. Birthday presents with a princess theme will be happily received by any little girl having a princess themed party, with gift ideas like our Magnetic Dress Up Fairies pack.

What entertainment will be provided to the princess during the birthday festivities?

If you dont have a court jester, you may need to find some alternative entertainment for the day. There are several great princess editions of some classic kids games. Like Pin the Kiss on the Frog as an alternative to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. And of course you have to have a dress-up game! Provide the girls with dresses, costume jewelry, and shoes. Give them 25 minutes to create an outfit, then have a fashion show! To provide prizes to all the participants, get small trinkets and presents for girls or let them keep the costume jewelry.

If youre feeling brave, set up a nail-painting table. Provide fun, glittery nail polish and several different colours. For younger children, consider setting up a nail-painting station where an adult does the work! At the end of the party you can give the nail polish as presents for girls who attended. Along the same lines, you can set up a station where the girls can do their hair (complete with tiaras of course).

Decorations for Princess themed Birthday Parties for Girls

Traditionally, the colour theme for a princess party includes pinks, purples, and creams, but we recommend using your daughters favourite colours. Get several different colours of tulle at your local fabric store and use them as tablecloths and as bows for the chairs.

And finally, for the party favours, make gift bags using small, but cute presents for girls. Wands, tiaras, and gummy frogs are all good ideas. For more substantials presents for girls, consider giving out fairy or princess colouring books.

Everything but Flowers proudly stocks a range of beautiful presents for girls; sure to delight them. As Australia's premium online gifts store we proudly stock a wide range of gifts for kids of all ages and interests.