Ben & Holly Opposite Cards Game

For Children Aged 3+ Years

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Play with Ben & Holly through these beautifully drawn Opposite Cards. These educational cards allow play in groups or individually. Use them as a memory card too!


Containing 24 cards with 12 different opposites, like Heavy and Light or Day and Night, these cards will teach kids how to identify opposites. Perfect for children aged 3+.


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Ben and Holly Opposite Cards Game

Are you looking for presents for kids who are 3 years old and above? Are you planning to give presents that are not only for games and fun but are also educational for the little ones? This Opposite Card Game, which is designed with the famous characters Ben and Holly, is the ideal gift you are searching for. This card game combines the functionality of training little kids to identify opposites and the fun of exchanging and pairing cards with friends.

Containing 24 pieces of cards with 12 different opposite items, such as day and night or light and heavy, this game pack serves as an educational and memory card for children. He or she can play it on his own or with friends. It will not only teach him opposites, but it will also teach him to play and interact with other children. The colourful and friendly design will give the fun part of this card game.

Educational Items as Presents for Kids

When you plan to give presents for kids you must always remember that the progress and development of their thinking process is rich during their early years. You must take this opportunity and give little ones presents that are sure to contribute in moulding and honing their knowledge and logical thinking. Presents must not be given to entertain the kids but also to develop their skills.

Presents for kids should not just be for fun only but must at the same time be educational. Games must teach the little ones simple knowledge that will eventually help nourish their thinking process. This card game contains basic opposite items that are easily recognisable and learned by little kids. It will teach the kids the knowledge of opposite words and enhance their memory skill in remembering the right match of card pairs. By playing this card game with other little kids, they will learn how to play and interact with other people. This game will teach him to socialise with other young ones.

Fun Games as Presents for Kids

Little kids have a short attention span and this minimal attention cannot be easily attracted. Hence, ideal presents for kids must always look playful and colourful and the game must always engage their attention. The famous characters of Princess Holly and her best friend Ben Elf are just the perfect figures to play with.

Their cute and eye catchy appearance will surely attract the attention of kids. Young ones will not be bored in learning opposites when they see the playful and colourful characters on the cards. The cards have beautifully drawn images that are easy to recognise and remember for kids.

What to Look for When Buying Presents for Kids

When looking for presents for kids, it is recommended by experts that gifts must not be just for fun but are also for educational purposes. It must combine fun and learning at the same time. Kids must be encouraged to be creative and interactive in playing games and playing with friends. This opposite card game is just the perfect presents for kids. Order these cards and give them to cute little kids. Open their minds to the world of opposites and to the adventurous world of Ben and Holly.