Tooth Fairy Box

A charming container for precious little teeth!

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Did you know that children lose 20 teeth before they grow those 32 adult-sized gnashers? Wouldn't it be a charming gesture to give parents this delightfully illustrated tooth storage box as a keepsake during this charming rite of passage? To make the Tooth Fairy Box even lovelier, it contains 20 envelopes for the Tooth Fairy. She can put the tooth with money and a little note inside the envelope. Parents are allowed to help in this process, even if it's just to fetch her a pen!

If you remember waking up with a coin under your pillow from the tooth fairy, you'll know how magical the feeling can be. Parents can be part of that too when you gift them this lovely box. We offer free Australia-wide shipping when you spend $99 AU or more, and will gift-wrap your presents if you wish. Here at Everything But Flowers we want your shopping experience to be as pleasurable and easy as possible.

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Tooth Fairy Box

Parents are known for keeping track of their baby’s “firsts.” They take photos and compile them in scrapbooks, making sure to label each photo with important details, such as when was it taken and where. This is why it makes parents happy when you give presents for kids that will allow them to keep track of their baby’s stages in life - presents like photo albums and the like. However, if you’re looking for an awesome gift, here’s a great way to remember kid’s firsts: tooth fairy box.
Presents for Kids (and Their Parents Too!) – Tooth Fairy Box

Did you know that kids have 20 baby teeth and they lose all of them to allow the 32 adult ones to grow? For some people, they follow a ritual when a baby tooth fell. They hide the tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy to find and so that the Tooth Fairy could leave some money for the little one who lost his or her tooth. But what would parents do with the tooth?
Now, they won’t have to throw it away or think of hanging the tooth or placing it in an envelope with the label “Carrie’s various baby teeth.” With this tooth fairy box as a present, moms and dads will have a cute way of commemorating this rite of passage. As one of those adorable presents for kids, this charmingly illustrated box also includes 20 envelopes to hold each tooth for the Tooth Fairy as well as money from the fairy with a space to write a short note, including the date. Indeed, it is a wonderful way of commemorating a child’s loss of tooth.
Baby Teeth May Save a Life One Day?

According to some recent studies, baby tooth contains stem cells that may soon cure diseases. But whether this is something that parents are interested in or not, most parents do introduce their children to the concept of Tooth Fairy, which is why giving a Tooth Fairy Box is something that they and their kids will find amusing and delightful.
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