Brilliant Bees Wax Crayons

Made from Natural Bees Wax

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Brilliant Bee Crayons are the only way to colour! Made from beeswax these coloured crayons are perfect for little hands, with there ergonomic triangle shaped design it will sure make their artworks shine and pop!

The set comes with 24 crayons with a range of colours. These include; giggling moth peach to fire ants in pants red and little beetle blue to showstopper grasshopper green. Gifted in a resealable box for easy storage the vivid and bright colours will turn their normal drawings into extraordinary pieces of art!

Brilliant Bee Crayons are easy, fun and comfortable to use and are available from Everything But Flowers. This premium gift site has thousands of gifts for girls and boys for all ages for every occasion, Christmas, Birthday and Christening gifts!

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Brilliant Bees Wax Crayons

Presents for kids are probably one of the most difficult things to find whenever there are special occasions like Christmas or birthdays. There are so many presents for kids to choose from. However, as the gift giver, you want something that the little one would really enjoy and benefit from in the long run.
If you are looking for presents for kids who are budding artists, or young children who just love to doodle, then Everything But Flowers has exactly what you need. We highly recommend the Brilliant Bees Wax Crayons, the perfect way to introduce your ankle-biter to the colourful world of art.
What is the Brilliant Bees Wax Crayons?

The Brilliant Bees Wax Crayon, which is made from natural bees wax, is characterised by its smooth texture and vivid colours such as grasshopper green and little beetle blue. Each of the 24 crayons has a thick tip for easy colouring and a triangular design that makes it perfect for small hands. It comes in a resealable box casing for a hassle-free storage. Suitable for age 3 and above, this set of vivid crayons will definitely bring the kids’ drawings into life.
Why should you buy the Brilliant Bees Wax Crayons as Presents for Kids?
There are several advantages to buying the Brilliant Bees Wax Crayons. Since they are made with natural bees wax, they are 100% non-toxic, which makes them completely safe for young kids to use. They smell great too, unlike the regular crayons. In addition to that, giving these crayons to children would teach them how to be more eco-friendly early in life.
Beeswax crayons also colour more beautifully than the traditional crayons. Not only do they glide more smoothly across the paper, but they also make bold and rich colours, making the young one’s artwork stand out. These work well even on black paper.
A common problem with other crayons is that it is easy to lose and break them. With Brilliant Bees Wax Crayons, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Crayons made from bees wax are outstandingly durable, so it could withstand frequent use. These crayons are designed with an ergonomic triangular shape, preventing each piece from rolling away on the floor or table. This distinctive shape also helps improve the little one’s grip, which is an important fundamental skill in writing. Each set comes in a reusable box, so cleaning them up and storing them would be easy.
Where to buy presents for kids like the Brilliant Bees Wax Crayons
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