Construction Site Magnetic Set

Inspired by Book Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

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Boys love to use their imaginations, and this creative magnetic construction play set is sure to delight them. A delightful present for boys who love construction, trucks, bulldozers and digging! This magnetic set comes perfectly packed in a tin measuring 22cm x 16 x 2.5cm a great size to take out and about in the car or on holidays to keep boredom at bay.

Featuring 4 interchangeable magnetic scenes inspired by childrens book Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, and over 25 magnets, the clever design means magnets are kept safely in the tin and adhere to the tin for play, so pieces dont get lost.

Printed with non-toxic inks, and CE and ASTM tested for safety this magnetic play set is recommended for children aged 3+.

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Looking for Construction Themed Presents for Boys?

Little boys have long been fascinated by construction sites. Why else would so many presents for boys include dump trucks? If your little boy also loves trucks and construction sites, a construction-themed birthday party could be a great way to celebrate, which is why we love the Magnetic Construction Site Set, that's the perfect gift for boys who love construction.

What type of food should you serve?

Serve your food in construction hats or large toy trucks (these can make great presents for boys later on in the party). With some clever labeling, many great snacks transform from everyday items into construction-themed birthday food! Provide black or gray rock candy (rocks), pretzels and chocolate-covered pretzels (lumber), and meatballs (boulders). Then think about your sons favourite snacks and how they might resemble items you would find at a construction site.

To make a construction site cake, begin by baking a chocolate cake. Dye the icing green for grass or use chocolate icing for dirt and ice the cake. Next, take a scoop out of the cake, revealing the dirt beneath the surface. Decorate the rest of the cake with construction truck toys, small cones made of candy, and candy rocks.

Do you need some construction-themed activities?

No birthday party is complete without games. For a construction-themed party, prepare construction sites in several small boxes. Fill the boxes with rice or dirt. Then hide small items in the boxes. Provide shovels and let the party-goers search. You could even hide party favours, like small presents for boys, in the boxes.

Have you ever built a marshmallow skyscraper? Its both fun and easy, making it a perfect party activity for younger children. All you need is a large box of toothpicks and a few bags of small marshmallows. Connect the toothpicks using the marshmallows as joints. In this way, you and the party-goers can build bridges and buildings.

Decor for Construction themed Parties

Last but not least, you need to make sure your birthday party venue is ready to party with the right decor. The colour palette for a construction-themed party is typically yellow, orange, and black. You can start with construction signs. These you can easily find on the Internet, print, and cut out. To make them more sturdy, glue them to cardboard. If you'd prefer, you can make your own signs with specific phrases or images.

Bright orange work vests, hard hats, and caution tape are also great decorating options. The vests and hard hats can make great presents for boys that attend the party. Oh, and dont forget the traffic cones, which can easily be made out of orange construction paper.

What about the gifts?

Everything But Flowers has all the presents for boys you could need. For the final touch, you can wrap the gifts in black or dark brown wrapping paper, then use caution or construction tape as the ribbon. If they love construction, any little boy is going to be overjoyed with the Magnetic Construction Site Set.